Introducing: Alice Jemima

Hey Alice, how are you?
I’m very well thank you!! Hope you are too.

Can you introduce yourself to the Music Fix readers?
Hey! I'm Alice Jemima, a singer songwriter / guitarist / producer from Devon.

And what can you tell us about your EP Liquorice?
That I'm very excited! It was a long time coming. I co-produced it with my friend / producer Simon Byrt.

What’s the story behind the title track?
It’s about not giving up; and lots of sweets!

How do you approach songwriting?
Usually I pick up my guitar and write something there and then. Although sometimes I’ve started the process by creating a beat track, and writing over that.

Tell me about ‘No Diggity’ and the effect that had?
I'd heard a version of it by Chat Faker a while back, and loved it. I was just playing around with it in my studio and recorded a version, then stuck it up on my SoundCloud page. I didn't really think it was getting many plays at first and was close to taking it down, but then it just took off - so I'm glad I didn't! I noticed it was getting added to a lot of 8tracks playlists, with millions of plays coming from that direction.

So, how did you end up signing with Sunday Best?
A few years ago I entered a 'Song in Seven Hours' competition for Sunday Best’s Rob Da Bank, to try and win a couple of tickets to his festival (Bestival). I wrote a song about psychedelic bacon…

You’ve got a few live shows coming up next month, are you a fan of touring?
I haven't properly toured yet, but I love playing shows, visiting new places - and don't mind the long journeys I probably will be a fan of touring!

Are you playing any festivals this summer? If not, are you going to any as a fan?
I’m playing Bestival, Camp Bestival, Neighbourhood festival & Hackney Wonderland.
This'll be my 6th year of going to Bestival (I started off just going as a punter) so this year I'll be playing it, but also making the most of the festival as possible.

Social media is everywhere today; is it a blessing or curse for artists?
I'd say both! It can take quite a bit of time updating everything / thinking about what to post, when sometimes you just want to walk away from it and focus on the music! It's easier to build friendships with fans this way though - and let them know when to expect new music etc.

If you could only listen to one song this week, what would it be?
Only one?!? RUFUS'Brighter'.

Finally, how do you take your coffee?
Black. I’m all about the coffee!

Thanks so much for your time Alice; good luck with the EP and single.
Thanks Digital Fix!

You can find out more about Alice on her website, or hear her EP on streaming services now.

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