"We feel very proud of this record, it's very ballsy" - In Conversation with Royal Republic

In the world of music, you can count on both hands the number of bands who deal in the world of 'fun'. Yes, that's right fun, where people laugh and joke and generally have a good time. There's no time for politics, no time for internal thinking. This is where Royal Republic ply their trade. If you want a dance, a sing and a good old time, follow us below and find out what makes the band tick. We spoke to guitarist Hannes while they were over in the UK about their latest record 'Club Majesty'.

Hows your trip over the UK going so far? You've actually brought some nice weather with you.

I guess the sun was sunning when we landed, Yeah that's was definitely us, Royal Republic work in mysterious ways!

We don't get much of a summer in the UK, a random boiling hot Tuesday in May and that's our lot!

Yeah we have the same in Sweden weirdly (laughs)

Its been three years since the release of your last record. Are you eager for the new record? Any nerves?

We are very excited. I'm getting that warm fuzzy sensation in my stomach. As an artist you put a record together like we have that we are very proud of, it has a ballsy flavour to it, some would even say cocky. I'm convinced people are gonna like it. Nerves are never something we get but we do feel anxious because you do want people to like it as you've put time, effort and ultimately your soul into the record. At the same time, we have to do it for ourselves, this is our art and how we represent ourselves.

We grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Neil Young and in the past people have told us to please more people but do you think those bands and artists changed their sound to appease someone? Absolutely not! They walked their own path, evolved their sound and we have too.

So your 5th record 'Club Majesty' is out now. What was the recording process like?

The whole writing process has always been difficult and stressful for us. Its never been easy or natural, there is definitely a struggle. It's like an actor doing multiple takes, we had to write, change and rewrite things before they were right. Some of the songs on Club Majesty are several years old because we are constantly tinkering with them. After four albums in I'm just thinking this is how we work, and it's not abnormal or shouldn't be happening. It's just how we work.

What or who were your inspirations for this record?

We actually took a lot of inspiration from our previous record Weekend Man we found ourselves on that particular record and that has leaked over into this one. We felt comfortable in our sound, we took all these various inspirations and glued them together. It's a mish-mash of everything. We brought all of that energy from that record and brought it with us but maximized that, it's like Weekend Man x 10. Also, we have a lot more confidence in ourselves now as well. If we want to put in a Michael Bolton style chorus into a song because its fucking cool then we will! I think that separates us from other rock bands out there.

What's the plan of attack in terms of touring. We are deep into summer here in the UK. Is it festivals or tours of your own going forward?

Festival season is about to kick off in Europe so we are starting there in places like Download.

You are playing Download Festival this year again, playing the main stage. Happy to be back?

Yeah, Download has always been nice to us, the people who run it and the crowds have always been up for it and we've enjoyed it. We've played the festival a few times now and always enjoy ourselves. The Main Stage is a huge space and we always like the challenge of filling it. We will be back in the UK towards the end of the year.

The cover of the album is quite unique, how did that come about?

Actually this time around was the first time we had a first draft of the cover and we all liked it straight away. The cover looked how the album sounded. We have a close friend who helps us across the artwork and videos. Its nice to be in a position to have that on hand.

Club MajestyRoyal Republic's latest record is now out from all good stockists. Check the band out at this year's Download Festival where they are playing the Main Stage on Saturday. Tickets are available here.

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