In conversation with Casey Donahew

Fresh from supporting the Texas hurricane relief effort we ask Texan singer-songwriter Casey Donahew to answer some questions. His new album is due on the 6th October, 15 Years: The Wild Ride.

Hey Casey, how the devil are you?

Ha, better than I deserve.

What have you been up to today?

Right now I’m on the east coast playing shows.

For people who may not be familiar with you guys, can you tell us about the Casey Donahew Band.

Country music, southern rock, five piece honky tonk band, bringing the thunder to stages around the world!!

Your sixth record, All Night Party, came out in the US last year, how would you describe it in two sentences?

I think I was big step forward for our sound. Country music with an edge.

What was your process for writing and selecting tunes for the record?

I’ve always had the same process. I write songs that I like, and so far I’ve been lucky enough to find a fan base with the same taste.

What’s different about Texas country?

We get asked a lot about the difference and I’m not the one to answer that. I make Casey Donahew music. I’m not sure where it belongs, but I live it Texas, I love Texas and I love playing music.

You’re still predominantly based in Texas, how different playing shows there is it to being out on the road?

We have been touring nationally for the last decade, it’s amazing the growth independent music has made over that span. The music world with the internet has turned into a world were you can compete without a major label.

Obviously Hurricane Harvey is a nightmare for Texas at the moment, how has it affected you?

Physically we weren’t effected by Harvey, but emotionally we have been overwhelmed. It hard to see your fellow Texans in peril. We have been working with relief groups and organizations to help any way we can.

Is there any particular relief efforts you’re involved with? I know you’ve been promoting a few things on social media.

We have been collecting goods and trying to get them to the communities directly in need so far.

You’ve been releasing music for just over ten years now, what’s the biggest thing you’ve discovered about yourself in that time?

That I still love music and performing, nothing about this is easy. It’s a constant grunt but I still love the challenge.

We’re expecting you in the UK later this year, what can people expect from your shows?

These will be acoustic settings, so will be more toned down from the normal live show. But will be telling story’s and more focused on the songs

If you could only listen to one song this week, what would it be?

George strait troubadour.

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

Favorite gun! Browning over and under citori 20ga.

Finally, how do you take your coffee? (Or alcohol?)

Cream and sugar.

You can find out more about Casey, including his UK tour dates, at his website. You can also follow him and the band on Twitter or like them on Facebook. His current record, All Night Party, is available to stream or buy from lots of places. His new album is due on 6th October.

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Sep 15, 2017

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