"If you put something out there that is honest then people will see that" - In Conversation with Raw In Sect

Greek Metal, whoever thought there was such a thing! Well it's out there and Raw In Sect are one of many bands that are trying to reach out further than just  their homeland. Craig from Music @ The Digital Fix spoke to the band about their upcoming album Kitro out on July 6th.

Introduce Raw In Sect to The Music Fix readers.

We started in 2006, we had different members back then and we released our first record and that had more of a thrash aspect to it. We then changed to a more progressive record and that kind of brings it up to date with our new record Kitro. So yeah we have changed quite a bit over the years. We haven't really found the name for the genre that we play but we take a lot of influence from around us.

Who do you take your influences from?

We listen to a lot of different stuff, individually as people. Some of us might be listening to Drum and Bass, traditional songs or Rock and Metal. There's a lot of influences within Raw In Sect and we would rather put that into one band and not separate projects. Our main influences are Rock and Ethnic music though. So bands that do that are influences to us.

What's the Greek metal scene like?

Right now, the problem is that it's just exploded and there are so many bands. Greece isn't that big and the main scene is around Athens and we all congregate around there.

Does where you live influence your sound?

Yes obviously. It's not just being a musician, it's about being a person as well. If you put something out there that is honest then people will see that. We were formed in Athens and now we are scattered around the area but that is the main centre of things.

You have your new album out on July 6th. What was the recording experience like?

It was a great experience as we are now three records in but we recorded the album in London with a producer called Peter Dowset. He's worked with just about everyone. We met him in the UK, in Nuneaton and he was doing sound there. We started talking about how we wanted to do things, he gave us a lot of tips. We recorded at West Point studios in London. It's a very high end studio and he was arranging things, we felt like proper artists, we recorded a lot in two days.

Was there any specific ideas or sounds you wanted to bring to the new album?

We had our basic set up with Peter, bass, guitar, drums and voice. He offered for us to take it up a notch, like including Greek instruments. They sound better to us because they are more relatable to us. Our sound got so much bigger, a simple chord would sound huge. We also used simple things like glasses filled with water. We now have to think about how to play this live!

One of the singles from the record is 'Therion' which has a particularly striking video.

We wanted to introduce the first song off the record and show it in a big and distinct visual way.  The song is about getting your aggression out and not being supressed. You need to find that balance so you are not being violent. We used a London based director and he liked our ideas. We spent a day in London and got a lot of paint and instruments and went crazy.

What's the rest of 2018 look like?

The next six months is all touring, we can't wait. We're not complaining, this is what we live for but we want to showcase the band in a different way, maybe bring more theatricality to it. We are working on a World tour, with UK days to come.

For all things Raw In Sect hop on over to their official website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Their new album Kitro is out on July 6th and is out wherever music is sold.

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