"I didn't want to join an established band so we built this from the ground up" - In Conversation with Kill The Lights

When you’ve been to the top of the mountain, achieved your dreams and dreams that you never thought possible, what can you strive to achieve in the future? In terms of Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas, you return to the base of the mountain and head for the summit once again, at your own pace and more importantly on your own terms. We spoke to Moose over the power of Zoom and got to dig deep into the world of his new band Kill The Lights.

How are things in the Kill The Lights camp at the moment?

Yeah its all good on our side of things, everybody just taking it day to day and rolling with the punches.

You are quite a veteran of the album cycle, which camp do you fall into, are reviews important to you?

Oh yeah, I used to read EVERYTHING, just to see what the lay of the land was. I mostly take on board what the fans say rather than the press but I still read as much as possible. It's given me thick skin over the years that's for sure!

How did the Kill The Lights project come to be?

Well, I finished up with the Bullet boys a few years ago and I took some time away but I started getting back into the swing of things and wanted to put together a project that had more of my voice in it which was missing for me from Bullet towards the end. I realised to myself that I had worked too hard just to simply throw everything away. So I was thinking what I needed and I didn't really want to join an establisehed band either. Firstly I needed to be with muscians I got on with and secondly they had to be top class at tehir instrument. Jordan from Still Remains was an old touring buddy so I gave him a text and it gre from there. James and Travis came in shortly after.

How has COVID – 19 changed the plans for the band?

Well by this point we should have well been on tour and the album would have been out a long time ago. It was due out earlier in the summer and eventually came out in August. I'm just glad it's out in the world now!

You come from the Bridgend area just like me, how did growing up here and being Welsh guide you as an artist?

Well Bullet were the last band of that time to get signed when we were coming up. By the time we got signed the likes of Funeral For A Friend had already been signed and well on their way and we are all around the same age so it was super competitive but in a fun way.

The new album feels very modern yet styled by the past. What was the plan going into recording?

The plan was...there was no plan! We simply wanted to go into the studio and bring out the best in each of the musicians in the band. We knew the material was good, great in fact and we wanted each of us to be at the top of our game, but there was no overall plan, pressure can sometimes sap creativity and we didn't want that here.

Chris Clancy has just joined the band on Bass, who played bass on the actual record?

We've known Chris for ages and he helped produce the record so that was a no brainer but it was shared by the other guys in the band for the studio stuff.

You have a UK planned for March next year and you are playing Bridgend at Hobo’s. Was it always the plan to start playing smaller club based gigs first?

Yeah, with Bullet we blew up massively very quickly which was great but it didn't feel like we had a chance to grow organically. It was like we were on a treadmill and the speed was going from 0 -100 very quickly. With Kill The Lights we want to take it slowly and play the smallest shows we can at the beginning and grow this project slowly.

Places like Hobo's in Bridgend are places I can't wait to play. I'm actually looking forward to playing Hobo's more than somewhere like Download. Don't get me wrong I love Download but I can't wait to be back in a club where you can see the sweat dripping off the ceiling and people are climbing over each other to get to the front!

You’ve achieved great success having been in Bullet For My Valentine and growing Kill The Lights into a solid unit, how do you measure success?

Quite simply to have fun and to be happy. I've been in situations in the past where I haven't been having fun or happy. So for me to measure my own success if I'm smiling, having fun, and not stressed, I'm in the right place at the right time and all is well

What does the rest of 2020 look like for you and the band?

Well nothing much for the rest of the year as you can expect but we are booking tours and gigs all over the world like the UK tour you mentioned alongside shows in places like Russia etc so busy busy even if you don't see it straight away.

For further news and tickets for the upcoming UK 2021 tour visit the official site.

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