How we made… The Prologue. By Caroline Marquard

Hey Caroline, thanks for answering our questions about your EP!

Of course!

What started the process of making your new EP?

I had been writing in different cities for a few years and I wanted to record a project to really find myself and my sound as an artist and not just a writer.

How did it end up as an EP not a single or full-length album?

Although I do have enough songs to release a full album, I really wanted to put out an EP first because I think it’s the perfect first step towards something more.

How do you approach the studio process?

Every project is different, for this one I really wanted a more traditional studio experience. So we rented a studio, had the whole band there at the same time and did the thing!

Do you have the songs written fully beforehand, or do you work on them in the studio?

The songs and arrangements are written before the studio, the studio is just where the magic happens of it all coming together.

What’s your process for writing songs? 

My favorite thing to do is just get in a room with some instruments and maybe a co-writer or two! We chat about what we wanna write about and then the song starts from there. 

How do you construct your song? Do the lyrics or music come first?

Both! It really depends on the song, sometimes I have lyrics first or a melody, or an idea that I know I want to write. 

Do you write things down or use voice memos?

I do both! You can never be too safe when making sure you have an idea saved.

How do you choose your producer?

Finding a producer is a really funny thing because you can’t force it. It’s really a collaboration and an integral part of who an artist is. I started writing with my producers and then almost instantly knew they were who I wanted to work with on this project. They just understand what I do!

What’s the best thing about the whole process?

I think the best thing is that it’s something you create fully. Before I started the whole process there were no songs, no recordings, no photos, no album artwork, nothing. When it’s finished, it’s a whole piece of art that you created from start to finish.

And the worst?

Knowing when to call it done. I can work on vocals and tweak mixes and things forever!  

Which was the first song you wrote for the EP?

‘Keep My Eyes On You’

Where do you find you get the most inspiration for your songs?

My own life experiences, my feelings and the world around me!

What can we expect next from you, another EP or are you building to an album?

I actually have some exciting things planned for these songs after this EP! I have an acoustic live video series with stripped-down versions of these songs! Also, a lot more music is to come.

To find out more about Caroline go visit her official website or follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Her The Prologue EP is out now and available to stream from everywhere (Tidal and Spotify below).

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

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