How the devil are you Misty Miller?

Despite still only being 21, former blonde haired folk-pop princess Misty Miller has packed a fair few things into her recording career so far. After a couple of well received EPs in 2013 things went a bit quiet, but Miller is back, properly now, with her full length album The Whole Family Is Worried. Now black bobbed and punky this is the real Misty Miller. We caught up with her just before the album release.

Hey Misty, long time no hear, how the devil are you?
I'm alright thanks!

What’s been happening with you over the last couple of years then?
Oh god, a lot. Think I have it under control now, just about. Most importantly though, I made an album which I am very proud of. Stuck to my guns and can release something which truly represents me as an artist.

We're big fans of your sound, are you in a happier place as a result of things you’ve experienced and learnt?
Hmm.. I had to go to a much darker place to get here, experiencing a hell of a lot. But nothing is worse than feeling misrepresented and that's how i felt around the time of my first album release, so yeah its much better to be where i am now with this album out.

Do you think you were too young to be sure of yourself back then [Misty's first record deal was in her teens], or have the confidence to be yourself?
Definitely. I was 15/16 and to be honest just quite excited about it all, so i forgot to really take a step back and figure out if it was right or if i was enjoying it. I learnt pretty quick that it wasn't right, but as a young girl it was hard to be taken seriously when i challenged peoples ideas of the direction they wanted me to go. I have learnt to say no and like to think that i've kept my integrity now.

And is being influenced by your record label just one of the things you have to deal with being signed to a major?
Yeah, the more cooks the harder it can be. But i think when you're working with something creative, like music, and you have a lot of different opinions involved, it will always be a bit tricky at times.

For the record, I think The Whole Family Is Worried is great; I particularly love ‘Marmalade’ and ‘Lonesome Cowboy’. Which song do you think best represents Misty Miller in 2016?
Interesting question, cause all the songs were written a while back now. 'Lonesome Cowboy' will always strike a chord with me, cause its all about sticking to your own guns. Even though i wrote 'Devil' around 3 years ago, i feel more connected to that song than i did back then.

What have you been listening to that finds its way into your music?
My song writing has changed and grown since the album, naturally. I am inspired by Christopher Owens and the delicacy of his writing.

How was the process of getting to this point, of releasing your debut?
Fucking hard. A real challenge. But i got here, and boy does it feel good! I'm still alive and loving the music. To answer this question fully would just take too long, ha!

What’s your approach to songwriting?
Overall i write autobiographically. A current theme that runs through (the songs on this album in particular) is a tongue in cheek sensibility. I like to play with the performance aspect of delivering a message, and doing it this way seems to work for me. I also approach my songwriting honestly, and like to think that i'm frank about what i'm writing.

You’re just about to begin your tour, what the best thing about being on the road?
Meeting the fans. Sounds cheesy but its true. When you start to recognise people and notice certain towns that are receptive it makes the whole thing really rewarding.

And what’s a nightmare about the whole touring rigmarol?
The waiting around. Cause you're only really busy for about an hour of the day. The driving and waiting around can be difficult. I know people (like my bass player, Charlie) who are great on tour, they take it in their stride. But it can really get me down sometimes, i guess i'm just a delicate flower ;)

Where’s the strangest place you’ve played live?

Are you excited for 2016, how do you see it playing out for you?
I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have this record out. I haven't even thought about its success or any of that, i'm just glad its out. I hope to play some festivals and see what people make of the record. Its exciting!

We always like to check whether there’s a musical style you just don’t get?
The 1975.

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?
What my favourite colour is.

Finally, how do you take your coffee? Or alcohol?
Soya coffee (not sorry) no sugar, and rum punch.. Or Brewdog Punk IPA (you reckon they'll endorse me?).

Thanks so much for your time Misty. Good luck with the album and have an excellent tour!

You can buy Misty's album, The Whole Family Is Worried, from any good music retailer.

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