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"Female punk rock". It's a phrase guaranteed to wake us from our slumbers, a bit like "Is this your £20 note I just found?" and "Hello, my name is John and I represent Buckley and Son Bailiffs." So when Hearts Under Fire invaded our email promising a bit of the old '1-2-3-4!' with a Brit twist, it was like being knocked around the chops with mangy fox - a bit of a wake up call! And it turned out to be promise fulfilled, with teaser track 'It's Not Me, It's You' being 148 seconds of Tank Girl pop punk that gets lodged firmly in the brain half way through the second spin. The band has a new EP, Letters, due out soon so we caught up with them while they good-naturedly put up with our usual dose of stupid.

Welcome Hearts Under Fire. We're not great with names, so please introduce yourself and tell us what you do to make a big noise.

Lexi Clark - Drums, Nicky Day - Guitar, Steph Forrow - Lead Guitar, Mary O'Regan - Bass and Vocals. We all do backing vocals too!

Tell us a little bit about the history of the band, especially any encounters you've had with bears or buffalo.

We are a four piece punk rock band from Surrey, UK. We've been playing with this line up for a year and a half, but before we recruited Nicky (second guitar) we'd been together about four years! We've played quite a few tours now, all over the UK and this will be our fourth EP! Unfortunately, we've had no encounters with bears or buffaloes.

That's weird. Most bands have at least one bear story. 'It's Not Me, It's You', well, that's a bit of a stormer isn't it? Any particular story behind it?

Ha ha! Why thank you very much! There is a story behind it yes and as cliché as it sounds, this particular song is about two people who just aren't meant to be together and about 'keeping your chin up' and realising there's so much more to life.

What can we expect from the full EP?

You can expect four songs written with love, passion and some bloody hard work!

I saw that you'd played with all kinds of different bands: Get Cape ..., Gay For Johnny Depp, You Me At Six. What kind of tips about the industry have you picked up from those guys?

You Me At Six happen to be school/college friends of ours, we go way back, so we just tend to be silly when we're together, rather than having serious industry conversations. But we have learnt a lot from bands we've toured with and shared a stage with. To be honest, the greatest advice and the most valuable lesson we have learnt is to put on your best, most passionate performance every show. No matter how many people you're playing to, how big the venue is, how good the sound is, if you put on a real, raw, heart-felt performance people will pay attention.

Let's say there's this guy. Maybe he writes for a music website (which makes him super-cool obviously) but sometimes he has trouble knowing what the latest fashion trends are. What do you think looks good on a guy? (Note: has to be suitable for a man so big he can't get out of bed.) Thanks!

We're all for wearing what you feel good in. We've had many discussions on 'stage outfits' and what to wear for photo shoots etc, but we've decided it's not us to have an 'image', so we wear what we feel good in, which most of the time is leggings or jeans and a t-shirt! Anyway, I'm afraid we can't advise you what to wear, or what not to wear. Just make sure you feel good and are comfy. So maybe the answer is PJs? Or naked?

Naked is not a good look when you sometimes consume 8000 calories a day. Anagram time! One anagram of HEARTS UNDER FIRE is U HIRE DEER FARTS N. You have 24 seconds to come up with something better. The winner gets a weekend in Paris with a tiger! Go!

Fun Hire Rat Reeds!

I win! That might be for the best though as the tiger has some issues and can do funny stuff. Seriously though, how many really tall people do you think can fit in a small shop?

You could fit lots of us in a small shop because we're all so short. But as for tall people let's say ... 9.5?

That sounds about right. There's always scope for getting a leg in a till. What's your favourite shop? (Rules: you can't pick the sweet shop in town where the lady with the glass eye works. Everyone chooses that.)

But the sweetie shops are the best ones!

Look! Someone famous is coming to make a guest appearance on HEARTS UNDER FIRE's debut album. Who is it?

Matt Skiba or Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio. That would be SO cool! Or Bruce Springsteen. That would be even cooler.

I should get an Alkaline Trio tattoo. "Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine? Did I remember to say 'cheers'?" Maybe I will. Band fight! Who wins? (No scratching.)

A band fight as in a dance off? Mary would win. Or an actual fight? Mary would win too.

What's the best gig you've ever been to?

Our answers are all so different, but we all agree that the best gigs are usually at the smaller venues, with the most interaction, the most banter, the best vibe and the friendliest crowds.

Because of the forthcoming election, we've decided to have a vote to find out who is the raddest team member at The Music Fix. Your candidates are: me. Who do you vote for?


That's cool. I would give you a job sorting out Council Tax. Something like that. So far we've been big fans of 2010. What kind of things have you got planned to make this year The Best Year In The History of Ever?

Tour our arses off! This is the year of HUF don't you know!? ;)


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