Har Mar Superstar interview

With a new album and tour ready to re-spread his love all over the world Har Mar Superstar is a busy boy. Luckily, Eros was smiling and we managed to find an empty slot in his schedule and sent Adrian Mules in to see if he was prepared to open up for TMF.

Hi Har Mar, thanks for chatting to us, how’s it going?

Things are good. I'm on the US leg of my tour. Just played Austin, TX last night, so I'm pretty hung over and full of BBQ meats. The shows have been great! Apparently there is still love for Har Mar out there... which is nice to know.

You’ve been in your Sean Na Na guise and working with Neon Neon since the last Har Mar release. So, what has lured Har Mar out of the closet?

It just seemed like the obvious thing to do. Sia kind of brought me out of semi-retirement when she asked me to go on a US/UK two month tour as Har Mar in spring '08. I had so much fun that I knew I needed to finish a new album and get back on the road. It's too fun to be Har Mar.

Do you write as Har Mar on some days and Sean Na Na on others? Or do you write a song and decide which alias it fits best with?

I kind of write in album cycles. If I'm in Har Mar mode, I write a bunch of R + B songs until there's a good album. If I'm in Sean Na Na mode, I sit in my bedroom with a guitar, get introspective, and wait until an album forms.

With a title like Dark Touches are we going to see a more sultry side to Har Mar on this album?

I think you've already seen some pretty sultry sides of Har Mar. I think it's a more complete and balanced Har Mar this time around.

There's a little of everything on this album. Don't get me wrong - It's still fun and sexual. I like to think of it as brutal R + B.

On The Handler you worked with Holly Valance and Karen O, are there any collaborations on Dark Touches?

I worked with a lot of great people on this album. Greg Kurstin and Inara George (both of the Bird and the Bee), Flowers of Doom, John Fields, Boom Bip, Adam Green, Samaire Armstrong, and P.O.S. all got involved. It was really fun to make.

That’s a pretty awesome list. Who would you really love to collaborate with?

I would love to do a song with Kylie Minogue. I've also been thinking that Trent Reznor and I could make a really sick, amazing song or project together.

I’d like to hear the output of that! So, what’s your most played CD at the moment?

I've been listening to Miike Snow a lot. I really like their arrangements and lyrics. That song ‘Animal’ is amazing.

Tell me about your “Crappy Holidays” videos, what has inspired these?

I've been writing a lot of comedy lately, the Crappy Holidays shorts are a fun way to practice in the short form. My friends Ryan Rickett, John Ringhoff and I make them together for fun now. But soon we'll take over Hollywood - it's just a matter of time. There are so many actors around us all of the time. Why not get creative while we drink with them? No more fucking around.

You’ve also been working with Drew Barrymore on a film called ‘Whip It’. What’s your part in that and what’s drawn you into the world of acting?

I have a little part in Whip It. I play the coach of one of the opposing roller derby teams. I also did a cover of the Association's ‘Never My Love’ with Adam Green, Flowers of Doom, and Flea for the soundtrack. I love acting. I always have. I've been doing it for as long as music. I actually went to a Fame style live-in high school for theater. I just got side-tracked by touring and making albums for years.

We had an e-mail the other day from a reader who was struggling trying to get with a lady he felt was out of his league. We couldn’t give him any advice, but wondered if you’d be able to give him any pearls of wisdom?

Grow some balls, man. It's all about confidence. Girls don't care what you look like, but if you have no confidence you ARE out of her league. Believe in yourself!

What can we expect from your live shows in November/December?

I think the set is really amazing right now. I have four Har Mar albums to draw from, so it's jam packed with hits. Both old and new. People have been responding with utter delight. We are having a blast on stage, and the outfits are incredible. All around good times will abound.

POOF! In a cloud of smoke the tour genie has arrived! He grants you three fantasy items to go in your rider. What are they to be?

4 Segue scooters to check out the town and look incredible on.
A hand job from every girl I ever jerked off about.
A three foot pile of gold.

That’s an impressive list. Which is mightier - your pen or your sword?

My pen is definitely mightier. I can turn a phrase inside out. I think that's one of my greatest skills.

What’s on your sex-mix tape?

No music. I don't have time to set the mood. I'm not trying to romance anyone. I kind of like it silent, animalistic and sweaty.

Thanks for your time Har Mar, what’s next on your ‘to do’ list?

I'm going to jump in the van, drive to Dallas, soundcheck, and then go see my friend David Cross's show before we hit the stage. It's a good day.

With that, we light up a cigarette and do the dignified thing by rolling over into the wet patch...

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