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20 year old Emma Deigman has some big-name fans - Gary Barlow, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart - so why haven't you heard of her before? Well she's yet to make a big impact on the music scene with only two singles - Tell Your Mama and It Was You being available to buy. However, he soul sound is sure to sweep the charts on the back of her support of Girls Aloud, kicking off later this month.

Emma kindly took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions...

You're just about to hit the music scene as support for Girls Aloud - how does it feel to be supporting one of the biggest pop bands in the UK?

I'm so excited!! I mean who wouldn't want to be going on tour with the biggest band of the moment and at the O2!! I get to meet Cheryl Cole as well so that's a bonus! haha!

Who would you say your influences are?

I have always listened to Rod Stewart since I was little because of my dad, as he loved him. From Rod Stewart I then went on to explore other artists in the soul/motown era and started listening to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Patty Labelle, Lauren Hill and the Fugees... also an artist called Gavin Degraw who is just amazing!

How would you describe your debut album?

I think it's a fun, soulful, happy album. When we were writing and recording it we just had so much fun and you can hear it in the songs. All the songs are recorded with a live band as we wanted to keep it old school and keep it real so I think that is a big element to the album and I hope people can hear that, and hear how much fun we had making it.

It sounds like you've already got yourself pretty impressive fanbase - we've seen mentions of Gary Barlow, Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams! What has been your most exciting moment so far in your rise to fame?

The most exciting thing for me was recording the album... I got to work with Elliot Kennedy, one of the biggest producers, and that itself was the most exciting part. I just had so much fun, got on so well with everyone and just being able to watch an amazing live band record the whole album was pretty fun because you don't really see music being made like that anymore.

You started out on stage in various musicals and shows and have since been in both TV and film. Quite a few careers for a 20-year old! Which do you prefer? Your music, acting on screen or the West End?

I loved acting when i was younger but I chose my music for a reason... I want to be able to share my music with people and share a bit of me... with acting it's always acting another part but with my music it's the real me so at the moment I would definitely say my music.

Would you like to do some more film acting?

Yeah I would love to later on... not at the moment as I'm concentrating on my music but I'd love to do a few films maybe if they were the right ones!!

Any particular directors you'd like to work with?

Wow ummmm well I studied film at school so i could go through a whole list haha! I would probably have to say Darren Aronofsky or my brother haha he's an amazing writer with some crazy cool ideas so maybe if he makes it i can be in one of his films, that's if he lets me haha!!

How about actors?

I love Sean Penn I think he's an amazing actor... and also Audrey Tautou and Kate Winslet.

Let's do some quickfire questions! What was the last CD you listened to?

Gavin Degraw

Who did you last see perform live?

Kings of Leon

Who would you choose to support YOU on tour?

Anyone?? Even a big star?? ummmm Gavin Degraw! He's the best lyricist and one of the best singers I have ever come across.

Emma Deigman's latest single is in the shops now and she kicks off her support slot in the Girls Aloud tour on 24th April. To view the video for her latest single and see the full list of tour dates, click here.

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