Eat to the Beat: The Primitives

We've been scratching around trying to think of an excuse to post photographs of Rachel Koo. Oh, Rachel with your polkadots and tiny, tiny kitchen. Then we realised we were looking forward to our supper more than listening to some useless new album so clearly curry is the new rock 'n roll and Michel Roux Jnr. is our new Michael Stipe. Which brings us to the first installment of Eat to the Beat, where we strap pop stars to the stove and ask them questions about food. It's a winner, I tell thee.

We've had a long love affair with The Primitives, ever since we saw them support Echo & The Bunnymen ("Spare us the cutter!" and all that) and their fuzzpop buzzpop seemed to confuse all the blokes with birds-nest hair and too-warm-to-wear-to-a-gig-really overcoats. Unlike many other bands, The Prims had the decency to actually call it a day when the ridiculous British public decided they'd had enough, but with the premature death of bassist Steve Dullaghan in 2009, the remaining original members re-convened for a few low-key shows and a smart little EP, Never Kill A Secret, which was released last year.

Now they're back with a new full-length entitled Echoes & Rhymes, which sees them tackle a whole host of obscure 1960s femme-pop. It's still The Primitives, but it's pleasantly sophisticated. You should give it a try.

To mark the release, we sat down with vocalist/guitarist Paul Court over a steaming bowl of soup to talk about matters culinary.

What's the worst thing you've ever been presented with to eat on tour?

Microwaved veggie lasagne... night, after night, after night. Also loads of cans of the popular tramp anaesthetic known as Carlsberg Special Brew.

Any special rider requests?

Non-perishable groceries and dog food. We asked for half of the alcohol part of the rider in tins of beans, etc., as there was always more than enough booze. We then had food to take home at the end of the tour (this is when we were on the dole). The dog food was for our manager's mum's dog that had come on tour with us.

It's a Tuesday morning, 1.00am. What's your default motorway service station purchase?

Probably the pick 'n' mix that has somehow found its way into Tracy's pockets, though that's not really a purchase.

Munchies! The fridge is empty! Big up the local takeaway or restaurant that saves the day!

There is a good middle eastern restaraunt in Coventry called Habibi. You can sit in a tent and smoke a hookah. And you can't beat a sneaky potato scallop from the chippie on Earlsdon High Street.

We're coming round for a romantic (hopefully!) meal. What are you rustling up for us?

I could always follow our late bass player Stevie D's example, when he invited a girlfriend round for what she assumed woud be a romantic meal, and asked her to "pick what you want" from the fridge freezer.

Otherwise, aubergine spaggetti.

What are the rest of the band like at cooking? What's their speciality?

Not really sure! Tig made an emergency meal with a can of tomatoes and a can of kidney beans once, when we were staying at someone's flat, and that was all they had in. Adequate, under the circumstances. Tracy made me a birthday cake one year, which had a family sized bar of Cadbury's Whole Nut melted over the top, and she was always pretty handy with things on toast, if we ended up back at her place after a night out.

Favourite food-related song?

Julie London's cover of 'Yummy Yummy Yummy'.

Our shout. Red? White? Fizzy lager? Buckfast?

I bought a bottle of Buckfast once - didn't mind it - but Bloody Mary, ta.

Echoes & Rhymes is out now on Elefant Records. Follow The Primitives on their Twitter page.

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