Eat To The Beat: Just Like Vinyl

Many may not have understood them, dismissing them for being showy, mindless or plain boring, but in truth The Fall Of Troy were originals. Breaking boundaries and exploring all possible off-shoots from post-hardcore (or whatever the genre is called this week) with reckless abandon, their demise at the beginning of 2010 was a sad day for those who enjoyed a bit of experimentation with their breakdowns.

Frontman and mastermind Thomas Erak is now back with his new band, pop-minded punk outfit Just Like Vinyl (name courtesy of a mysterious homeless man). And with second album Black Mass whetting our appetites, we felt it was time for another instalment of Eat To The Beat. Here's hoping the food isn’t as plastic as their name suggests...

What's the worst thing you've ever been presented with to eat on tour?


Any special rider requests?

Bourbon and beer.

It's a Tuesday morning, 1.00am. What's your default 24/7 drugstore/gas station purchase?

Chocolate milk and usually some type of sandwich or pastry. Tropical trail mix as well, and beef jerky for Thomas - it makes him happy :)

Munchies! The fridge is empty! Give a shout out to the local takeout that saves the day!

Ichi Teriyaki, Chiso Sushi, Dick's Burgers for local Seattle takeout. And the seafood chowder at LTD - although that's not really takeout!

Time travel! What were the best (and worst) choices on the lunchtime school canteen menu?

Best - pizza day, duh... Worst - BBQ "rib" sandwich. What the hell were they thinking? And what was that meat, really?

We're coming round for a romantic (hopefully!) meal. What are you rustling up for us?

Lightly seasoned chicken breasts stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella, zucchini, roma tomato, and fresh basil. Served with herb salad and either baked garlic red potato wedges or light garlic cream pasta on the side.

Who in the band is a secret genius with a skillet?

Jake. No secret ;)

Favourite food-related song?

"Wienerschnitzel" by The Descendants.

Our round. Red? White? Fizzy lager?

A good red blend or a pale ale will do nicely, thank you.

For more info, visit the JLV website

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