Eat to the Beat: Julianne Regan

If Oscar Wilde were still here, he might call it the 'love that dare not speak its name'. And what is this dark secret? Mid-80s goth. Not the post-Matrix leatherette of Marilyn Manson or Black Veil Brides but a bit of purple, some confetti and a tie-dyed skirt. We had to make do back then. With the forthcoming tour by The Cult (with support from The Mission and Killing Joke) being downgraded to more cosy venues, it's clearly a genre that still has some way to go to catch a little of that hot retro action, but it's still close to The Music Fix's heart.

We did a little thinking and decided All About Eve were the support at what was only our fifth proper gig. They got an encore that night too, a feat I've never seen repeated in the 25 years since. As the frontwoman for said act, Julianne Regan was part and parcel of the scene, although the music they made that the public most appreciated had its cowboy boots firmly in the 70s folk rock camp - they even did a Jethro Tull cover at one point. The four albums they issued between 1988-1992 all reached the UK top 50 (the first two were top 10), although Regan has written subsequently that their experiences with the industry were almost uniformly dispiriting, ultimately leading to their original demise in 1993. The band have toured occasionally since with a rotating line-up but there has been no new material since 2004's 'Let Me Go Home' single.

Towards the end of 2011, Regan released an album of cover versions with The Mission's Wayne Hussey under the Hussey-Regan moniker, including lush re-workings of tracks by Bowie, U2 and The Kinks. An EP from these sessions, lead by a version of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence' has just been released. To mark the occasion, we excitedly caught up with the self-confessed foodie fusspot - and still one of our favourite vocalists of all time - for another installment of Eat To The Beat.

What's the worst thing you've ever been presented with to eat on tour?

A poussin. A whole baby chicken. I'm not a vegetarian but I do like what I eat to have had a decent life first.

Any special rider requests?

That one plain meal be served that consists of plain fish or plain chicken, no sauce, and no garlic. That's for me. I have never asked for one, but a boisterous labrador pup to play with for the afternoon before the show would have been nice.

It's a Tuesday morning, 1.00am. What's your default motorway service station purchase?

Banana milkshake Friji thing or perhaps a Cornetto, whatever time of year.

Munchies! The fridge is empty! Big up the local takeaway or restaurant that saves the day!

It'd have to be Bengal Berties; serving North London for decades with their Indian cuisine. Thank you BB!

Favourite comfort food?

Apple crumble and custard, bit of cinnamon in there, life is sweet again.

We're coming round for a romantic (hopefully!) meal. What are you rustling up for us?

You're coming round for a romantic meal? Better bring yourself a packed lunch. I'm a terrible cook. I'd give Bengal Berties a ring, or I might stretch to egg and chips. Romantic, n'est-ce pas?

Favourite food-related song?

Let me think... 'MacArthur Park'.

We share a birthday - what kind of tasty morsels would be on offer at a childhood birthday party in the Regan household?

Happy belated birthday to you! A childhood birthday party? I only remember having one at the age of five and a girl called Katrina ate a box of crayons. That's the kind of crazy shit that went down in 70s Coventry. Somebody call Social Services!!

Our shout. Red? White? Fizzy lager? Buckfast?

Your shout? I have drunk from the green trumpet but Buckfast wouldn't be my first choice! I do like a Prosecco, thank you very much.

The Hussey-Regan EP of 'Enjoy The Silence' is available as a download here. Their album, Curios is out now on Cherry Red.

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