Ear Pwr Interview

En-ger-land, 2009. Under a slate grey Victorian sky, millions trudge to work through the never ending rain. And then back again. And then back again. Etc. It's terrible. You get the picture. But wait a bloomin' minute didn't we used to have fun? Y'know fun? F-U-N. Sunshine, toys, staying up late and jumping up and down? Damn right we did. And you know what? (“What?”) YOU can have fun again. Here take this record. Super Animal Brothers III. Made by a pair of rainbow warriors known as EAR PWR. Take it home - make sure you're not followed by the fashionista - lock all the doors and windows. Fire up your stereo and let the good times roll. Fun. It's back! Just keep it on the down-low for now or they'll be anarchy. One last thing...you ain't seen me, right? [Sneaks off].

Hello Ear Pwr! For the record please state your name, favourite childhood TV show and favourite word.

Hi, I'm Sarah, my fav TV show was David The Gnome and my favourite word is Nightcrawler.

Hi! I'm Devin, my childhood TV show was Reading Rainbow, my favourite word, turd.

Your debut album has just landed on UK soil. In this troubled world, how can we convince people they need the wondrous Super Animal Brothers III to make their world a brighter place?

When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.

Let's be honest, some of - no wait - all of, the album is pretty “out-there”. Can you tell us what sparks Ear Pwr and what are the key characteristics of the Ear Pwr universe?

Initially it was just a yearning to do something entertaining and constructive as a couple that sparked EAR PWR into existence and we really just wanted to get people dancing. Over time our universe has expanded and we want to create something a bit more substantial. We thrive upon tacos, friendship, childhood memories, silk shirts, beats, soul food, expanded tonality, home-made circuitry and a desire to be content.

Future Eyes and I Like Waterslide are surely future No1 pop gems. The good people of Britain can make it happen. What will you spend your millions on and what would you “give back to the community”?

Our first purchase would definitely be a house boat. One day we’re gonna live on a house boat and maybe do house boat tours. We’d also like to open an all ages venue; nothing fancy, just some hole in the wall where kids could come and see bands, dance, smoke, get inspired and take a swig out of an abandoned beer can without being hassled.

Looking at the amazin' live pics on the blog you've “seen a million faces” and literally “rocked them all”. What's been the strangest gig? Any “I think we oughta scram” shenanigans?

Our New Orlean’s show was pretty odd. That place has a strange vibe. We met a crackhead named “Peter Pan”. He tried to give us “vitamins” and he smoked crack right in front of us. Then he gave us his precious “silk shirt” which was really a basketball jersey. We decided not to stay the night in New Orleans.

I feel your pain. We all should've heeded Van Morrison's warning. I got my wallet stolen in New Orleans. Bad, bad voodoo. So what other bands, film-makers or artists (dead or alive) share the Ear Pwr mentality? Who are your comrades in this glorious revolution?

Ariel Pink, Nirvana, Toro y moi, DJ Dog Dick, Darius Rucker, Pictureplane, Lord Scrummage, Abe Vigoda.

Your MySpace brilliantly boasts “Adult Emotions, Coming Soon” - If you could revisit your childhood selves what would you tell them and what's the worst part of being a “grown-up”?

The worst part of being grown-up is paying bills and being broke all the time. We would tell ourselves some winning lottery numbers that we saw in the future so that we could have money.

If you could hotwire Marty McFly's Delorean for one night what point in history (or future) would you visit and why?

1991. We would go there because we wanna wear flannel shirts and holey jeans.

You're Cat People like me. It's a cats' world, we just live in it. I myself have a Singapura. Can you tell our readers about your own cats and why cats are so awesome in general?

Our orange cat Mani Cooper is super affectionate. He likes to stroke your face and snuggle. He’s not the most brilliant cat but he is definitely the sweetest. Sophie is very sophisticated and dainty. She hates everyone but she looks classy while doing so. Cats are the best because they really don’t give a f*ck.

We know Sophie the Kitty loves you, trees and food, but who in the world would she currently class as “sh*tty”?

Honestly, Sophie thinks everyone is sh*tty. Even us! But I think she would definitely consider the guy who who started www.latfh.com (“Look At This F*cking Hipster”), particularly sh*tty.

That's one wise kitty. There's a lot of humour on the record - what makes Ear Pwr laugh?

We make each other laugh all the time.

Aah you live in Baltimore. The UK, like the world, loves The Wire – Are you fans and do you think the show offers a fair representation of certain areas of Baltimore?

We’ve never watched the show, we don’t have television. But from what we hear, it’s a pretty accurate portrayal. Our neighbourhood is super sketchy.

“S'all in the game”. Finally, for readers inspired by Ear Pwr to form their own magical pop band – do you have any wise advice for them and what are the hazards to lookout for?

Just make music for yourself. Don’t worry about the trends or what certain websites or blogs deem worthy because for the most part, it’s bullshit.

Right on! There you go folks! Ear Pwr is for lovers! Funtime! Throw your homework onto the fire! Get yer Ya-Ya's out! Shake what yo' Mama gave ya!!...just do it quietly will you? I've gotta get up for work in the morning.

If you do one thing this week, eat some food. But if you do two things, check out Ear Pwr's Myspace or watch this amazing video. Super Animal Brothers III is out now.

Photos: Dustin Fenstermacher

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