Dirty Talk: Hourglass Sea

Welcome back to the second edition of Dirty Talk. This time it is the turn of Hourglass Sea, whose unique brand of electro-pop made him the Dirty Dancing ‘Artist of the Month' for June. Currently a busy man working on new material, he kindly gave us a few minutes of his time to explain his love of vinyl, his musical inspirations, and hints he’d possibly be dealing drugs if he wasn’t in the music business…

Introduce yourself and what it is you do.

Hourglass Sea: Musician: Keys, Drums, Synth, Guitar. Established Lidget Green, BD7: Bradford.

Was there a moment, a track or gig that inspired you to get into the music business?

Not really the business as such, I had no idea about the business crap as a kid, but right at the beginning it was Guns N' Roses 'You Could Be Mine' and Roxette's 'Joyride'. I was about 8 or 9 at the time. My first love was Guns N' Roses actually. When I was about 11 a friend actually gave me his cassette of Sepultura's Arise album. Strangely, he didn't like it. That was fucking mind blowing for me. I also recall hearing The Prodigy's 'You're No Good For Me' at a school disco, about '93 or '94. Mind blown right there.

Who do you look to for inspiration musically?

Not so much artist names, but I dig pretty much any style of music out there these days. I can usually find something interesting or worthwhile in most things. Okay, generic dupstep bores me to no ends, but I've always found myself drawing inspiration from the energy and emotion taken from many eras and styles. Particularly pop music. There's something about the way certain styles of production and sounds make you feel inside. I love emotive music and I don't care if that sounds cheesy.

Are you a vinyl, CD or USB man? What are the pros/cons of each?

I hate iPods and MP3 players. I hate the time consuming, shitty way in which you're expected to labour burning your entire CD collection, because you've obviously got nothing better to do. Old school CD Walkman's are still the shit. Just carry 20 CDs with you around the house. Nothing wrong with that. And they still sound no worse than shitty iPods, nor do they break down as easily. However, nothing beats vinyl.

What can we expect from you in 2013 – are there other musical avenues you wish to explore?

I suppose my grand plan is a new album I've slowly been progressing with – but with no gaps in between, a mixed album, focussing on my obsession with 80s style emotive AOR. Built around various tempos, styles and instruments. I want it to sound like a radio station in GTA Vice City. It's slowly coming together, but I have no idea on what it will be called or when it will be ready for release. In the meantime I'm working on some remixes and a new EP for the autumn.

To date, what has been your worst DJing moment?

I don't think I've ever had any disastrous moments as such. I had a problem with my rig in Sheffield one evening, but I don't think anybody could really tell!

If you weren’t involved in music, what would you be doing?

I work full time, but in terms of hobbies – if I wasn't into music I'd probably try to focus much of my attention on history somehow. Not sure how, but I enjoy reading and trying to learn what I can. or maybe dealing crack. Actually, yeah – crack dealer: Deany-E.

Many of our readers will be aspiring DJs or producers - what advice would you give them with regard to success in the music industry?

I dunno! I don't think I'm in a position to advise anybody tbh. Spend time listening to as much music as possible, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on your own creating, experimenting, etc.

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Have you heard the AWE EP? Check out 'Eagle Soul'. It's nice!

Awe - Eagle Soul by terrorhythm

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