Dirty Dancing: September 2012

Welcome back! Hopefully by now you've recovered from the hedonistic delights of the summer festivals and are ready to kick back and enjoy some of the finest drum and bass, dubstep and electric wizardry that we have uncovered over the past month! Try and forget about the festival hangover (and the state of that £300 tent you stupidly took with you) and join me on an eclectic voyage of rave-related discovery...

Album: The Herbaliser - There Were Seven (Department - H)

Effortlessly blending funk, hip-hop and modernistic dance loops, There Were Seven resembles something Grandmaster Flash would produce for a modern day audience. Elegantly mixed and arranged and eminently super cool, for some this may be a little too far from the usual electronica featured on DD, but for those with an open mind and a little perseverance, it doesn't take long for this album to shine.

The Lost Boy (Album Version) by The Herbaliser

Single: Lorn - Weigh Me Down (Ninja Tune)

OK, so we all remember the dark, twisted ambience that made up Ask The Dust (that’s Lorn’s previous album for those not able to keep up), and to be honest, 'Weigh Me Down' follows in much the same vein. There are still the same murky, pulsating undertones which rise and fall in volume and intensity, but at the same time the track has a very slight dubby feel to it.

The three remixes that come with the single are just as involving: the Mike Slott Mix being of special note for the completely different feel he projects into the track. An exciting, and slightly disturbing preview of Lorn’s forthcoming second album.

Lorn - Weigh Me Down by Ninja Tune

Single: Kissy Sell Out - You’re Not The One (San City High)

Just when you though the party season was over, Kissy Sell Out proves that in actual fact it’s just getting started. Deep, melodic vocals by Queen of Hearts smoothed over a slightly epic collection of pumping bass lines, clubland synth injected with Kissy’s put-your-hands up feel. Remixes are plentiful, with the likes of Danny Westcott and Tom Bull adding a super deep house vibe to proceedings.

Artist of the Month

EP: Kasket - August Fades (Apollo Records)

From the very start, it’s 10/10 for August Fades. The EP escalates from tribal-esque beginnings into beautiful, elaborate rhythms and live tracks executed and portrayed with crystal clear sharpness. The EP clearly draws on a vast range of influences and manages to bring each of them to the forefront of its sound at one stage or another. If you do nothing else this week, track down August Fades for a taste of sheer electronic uniqueness.

Kasket - August Fades (Music Video) from Ben Cookesley on Vimeo.

EP: King Dinosaur - The Night (Artillery)

Sublime, transfixing dance overlaid with chilled out vocals but with a bassy, gravelly core lurking just beneath the surface. Effortlessy capturing the feel of the EP’s title, and alternating between ethereal, psychological sounds and raw bass noise, The Night draws on some fairly dark influences but ultimately is a pleasure to listen to. Put this on a decent system, pour a (large) glass of something strong, select a likely looking sofa and lie back and dream.

EP Galactus - Minotaur EP (Cheap Thrills)

With a beginning sounding like a supercomputer in its death throes and abounding in technological mayhem throughout, 'Minotaur' is a driving, genre defying thriller, eventually lapsing into acidic, pulsating bass and total computer-meltdown mode. 'Midnight Resistance' is no less exciting, but begins with a slightly softer line and swooping synth before succumbing to another mighty bass line. My only complaint is (and correct me if I’m wrong), isn’t an EP meant to have more than two tracks?

EP: Jack Beats - Careless (Sony)

Catchy, upbeat and with many a club-destroying bass line, Careless features plenty of household names in the dance world and puts them all to good use. The title track instantly brings to mind visions of dark, hot rooms filled with party goers in the early hours, all struggling to retain a grip on their sanity. A close runner up for artist of the month for simply being the most engaging and stylish dance EP I have heard for some time.

Single: Project Bassline feat. Death Rose Cult - Kraken (Cheap Thrills)

Whilst perhaps not conjuring up images of an enormous, multi-tentacled cephalopod, 'Kraken' is almost certain to get you moving. A punchy bass line complements slightly off-key synth, and distant rumblings which may or may not come from the deep abound. A potential big success on late night crowded dance floors.

Single: Bondax - Baby I Got That/It’s You (Just Us/Relentless)

Sounding a little like a light Basement Jacks offering, 'Baby I Got That' is a quirky, upbeat dance piece brimming with electronic class. Easy, live piano tracks blend well with a range of slightly warped vocals and humming synth. 'It’s You' is equally sonically diverse, swapping male voices for tuneful, audio-erotic female vocals and exchanging piano for wandering synth and a deeper bass line. There aren’t any remixes included with the single, but both tracks are filled with potential and I would be interested to see what the likes of Major Look or Diplo would do with them in the future.

Baby I Got That by Bondax

Quite pleased I managed to get the word ‘cephalopod’ into this month’s column! That’s all for now, hope you are glad you took the time to update your electronica knowledge. Hope to see you all out partying soon, but until then, I suggest you use your time wisely by tracking down the new releases listed and playing them back-to-back before your next big night! Keep an eye on my Twitter page @TDFDirtyDancing for any interesting news I come across - take it easy!

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