Dirty Dancing: October 2012

Welcome back, intrepid electro fans! Its official: summer has finally come to an end, but instead of a wistful, nostalgic session reminiscing over the past few months (Where did all my money go? Why did I drink all that cider at Creamfields wearing nothing but gold hotpants?) what better way to prevent the pre-winter blues from setting in than to kick back and listen to some of the hottest new releases from the top names in electronic music?

Album: Dusk + Blackdown - Dasaflex (Keysound Recordings)

Electrifyingly upbeat and introspectively melancholy by turns, there's no denying the talent, passion and sheer vision that has gone into creating Dasaflex. Mixing elements of jungle, grime, funk with a whole host of other genres that my feeble vocabulary is unable to describe, the scope of creativity is impressive, as is the range of sounds and rhythms drawn upon to create tracks that have wildly different moods, but are still able to gel together and function as a whole. Exciting stuff!

Single: Skip and Die - Love Jihad (Crammed)

For me, 'Love Jihad' was a real breath of fresh air. Stylishly presented lyrics with a slight political slant laid over as rich a tapestry of sound as you could ask for. The undeniably eastern feel is complimented by a solid bass line whilst the changing tempos and pulsating synth sounds add an extra edge to an already sonically diverse and effortlessly entertaining piece. For the full experience skip the radio edits and go straight for the uncut album version.

EP/Single: Kissy Sellout feat. Saint Saviour - Gimme Sin (San City High)

Those of you who enjoyed Kissy's offering last month will want to check this out. Upbeat and lively, Gimme Sin is, from the start, an out and out future club classic. Semi-spoken vocals and euphoric synth (with just a hint of Ibiza after-party feel in there) give way to staccato rhythms and a bass line to suit all your clubbing needs. Get hold of the full EP for the bounty of remixes that come with it, but for the complete experience, head out to a big nightclub and listen to it on a sound system that can do it justice.

Artist of the Month

Album: Two Fingers - Stunt Rhythms (BigDada)

In the midst of all this electronic impressionism - seamlessly blended synth moulding introspectively with uncategorised noises reflecting the mental processes of mythical computer geniuses - it's nice to have an album come along which takes it all back to the roots. That is, for those of you who have forgotten, a massive, speaker punishing, in-your-face, no holds barred sonic odyssey into rhythmic mastery!

That's not to say that Stunt Rhythms is just another mainstream drum and bass mashup wheeled out for the uncaring masses; the technical knowhow and talent are still very much apparent, but in a far more understated fashion - the bass lines and brilliant make up of the tracks easily speaking for themselves. Buy this, turn it up to anti-social levels and remind yourself why you love electronica.

Album: Breakbot - By Your Side (Ed Banger Records/Because Music)

Sitting somewhere between light dance and electro pop (I reserve the right to invent genres as I see fit...), By Your Side is a feel-good album guaranteed to beat those pre-winter blues. Catchy and impossible not to dance to, it would take a heart of stone not to be cheered by its blend of live instruments and stylishly polished synth. Many of the tracks include more than a touch of nostalgia, harking back to an age of dance pop slowly fading into history - perhaps never to be replicated, but here is an album making a damn good attempt.

Single: Sub Focus – Tidal Wave feat. Alpines (Mercury/RAM Records)

This doesn’t really need an intro, does it? Sub Focus knows exactly what he’s doing and Tidal Wave is an epic return to form. In case you have spent the last three years living as a hermit or wildman, earth shaking bass, crystal clear vocals and euphoric drum lines are what it’s all about. Perhaps dipping into the mainstream a little too often for some, but for me, the balance is perfect and I genuinely cannot wait to hear this played in a crowded club.

The really exciting news, of course, is that the long awaited second album from Sub Focus is finally on the horizon and due for release in early 2013. Thank God…

'Tidal Wave' feat. Alpines (Flosstradamus Remix) by Sub Focus

Single: Trimbal – Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)

From the start, 'Confidence Boost' is a hard track to get into. Ethereal, post dubstep ambience breathed over almost monotone urban vocals builds fractionally over a two minute period into a slightly more tangible affair. As confusing as this sounds, 'Confidence Boost' is actually well worth a listen; not for its dance-floor potential, but rather for the meaning and thought projected into the lyrics and as an example of how far musical boundaries are still successfully being pushed in this day and age.

Single: The White Lamp – Make it Good (Future Boogie)

Mellow and engaging, gentle male vocals are interwoven with a fairly relaxed drum line rhythm and warped, stringy synth. The track eventually builds to incorporate a slightly more electronic feel, but overall it’s a relaxed affair, perfect for one of those mornings after the big night, when that headache just won’t go away! Keep an eye on The White Lamp for any news of an album, as this single definitely has promise.


That’s all for this month folks. I hope my discoveries have been of interest to you; if so, feel free to drop me a line on twitter (@TDFDirtyDancing) where I will attempt to post any interesting news I come across (in between wading through the fan mail). Take it easy!

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