Dirty Dancing: November 2012

Welcome back electronic adventurers! Winter, it seems, has arrived bringing with it the usual cocktail of treacherous ice, freezing rain and a complete lack of desire to leave the warmth of one’s house and track down interesting music at the local record store. Fear not, however, as once again we have rounded up as many new dance, house, dubstep (and some other weirdness that I couldn’t shoehorn into a genre) releases for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Album: Fake Blood - Cells (Different Recordings)

Fake Blood have been lurking in the undercurrents of electronica for some time now and it was with some excitement that I finally got to listen to Cells.

Shadowy, razor edged synth sunk into bass lines that have the potential to cause internal injuries are the main theme here, but there is plenty of underlying menace to keep things interesting. All in all, an effortlessly entertaining, thoughtfully crafted, bass-laden Frankenstein of an album.

Album: Pinch – MIA 2006-2010 (Tectonic)

Pinch: The Godfather of dubstep in its purest form. The demi-god who bestowed unto us the likes of Quawwali' and 'Underwater Dancehall'. The mere mention of his name when in close proximity to large, expensive speaker systems should be enough to substantially quicken the heart rate.

So why then, given his impressive back catalogue of hits and very obvious talent, has DJ Pinch released an album largely consisting of reworked past releases and remixed tracks from his label? Granted, the re-modeled versions of tracks like 'Quwwali' are well thought out and the bass lines suitably heavy, but in an industry massively populated by remixes, what is really needed are raw, original ideas, not the restructuring of old ones for an easy album. Disappointing.

Album: My Dry Wet Mess - Stereo Typing (Ninja Tune)

God only knows what My Dry Wet Mess refers to (and I'm not sure if I want to know particularly). All we do know, however, is that Stereo Typing is well worth a listen. There's a whole lot of weirdness and ambient sound effects to entertain and confuse, as well as some suitably crazed tempos and drum lines. I think most of us would struggle to dance to such an album, but if you think of it in terms of a piece of German electronic artistry, it can be really impressive.

EP: Letherette - Featurette (Ninja Tune)

Happily bouncing along somewhere between house, hard house and electro pop, Featurette is an upbeat, driven EP, guaranteed to inject some life into a flagging party. A marriage of retro synth, sublime vocals and an engaging drum line, the tracks wander from the neon, pop-esque heights of 'Warstones' to the heady, ethereal delights of 'Wecko'.

Well worth a listen, and if house parties are your thing, you may wish to consider including Featurette in the evening's soundtrack.

Warstones by letherette

EP: Lapalux - Some Other Time (Brainfeeder)

The texture portrayed in Some Other Time is almost physically tangible. Lapalux has steered clear of using too many ambient noises and shoe-horning them into his tracks, and has instead gone for intuitive use of live instruments, beautifully produced synth and drum lines and elegantly crafted vocals.

Lapalux has featured before on Dirty Dancing and this latest offering does not disappoint. The type of EP you blindly reach out of bed to press play on with one hand, reminiscing on the events of the night before.

Lapalux - "Some Other Time" EP Sampler (Brainfeeder) - Vinyl Digital 16th October by Lapalux

Album: Vitalic - Rave Age (Citizen/Different Recordings)

Delivering exactly what it says on the tin, Rave Age is an exploration of the modern dance scene, best appreciated perhaps, at around one in the morning in the company of about 500 people.

Classic hard dance hooks are set-upon by new school bass lines, whilst a caffeine-fuelled synth machine does what it can to keep up. An album that every discerning rave connoisseur should seriously consider familiarizing themselves with!

Artist of the Month

Single: Peo De Pitte - Easy White Boy (U&A Records)

I genuinely love this track! Gravelly synth over Peo’s signature bass line combines to create a track with all the makings of a classic. Despite the growling bass there is a light hearted feel with more than a hint of humor mixed in. Make sure you also check out the video (extra points if you can name the origins of all six film samples).

I’ve not heard rumours of a new album anytime soon, but hopefully 'Easy White Boy' is a sign of good things to come...


Album: Dobie - But Fear Itself (Ninja Tune)

A dangerously heavy dose of sonic disturbance posing as an innocent music piece, But Fear Itself is an unhinged journey into the super-deep bass culture of the subconscious. There's not much to do except try and hold on amid rolling waves of bass punctuated here and there by ripples of subliminal synth and the odd schizophrenic vocal. The tempo drops a little midway with tracks like Day Release, but the feeling is still one of unrest. Play on a large system for speaker punishing results bordering on the spectacular.

EP: TJH87 - Break Away Kicks (La Valigetta)

Upbeat, stylishly presented dance all the way from Italy. Leaning towards the epic end of Drum and Bass, TJH87 prove that euphoric vocals and stadium filling synth can be produced by someone other than Sub Focus.

If remixes are your thing, check out the Stereocool 'Sunrise' version for some super deep bass action.

Album: Derrick Carter - House Masters (Defected)

Time and experience (and a lot of wasted money) have taught us to be instinctively wary of compilation albums; in particular house compilation albums which have a habit of all sounding pretty much the same.

House Masters definitely represents the classier end of the house spectrum, and to be honest if modern house is your thing, you could a lot worse than pick this up. There's plenty of fresh new material here to get stuck into, but as with most compilation albums, you'll pick and choose your top tunes. Favorites of mine included 'Tripping Amongst the Stars' and 'Bliss'.

Single: Telepathe - Destroyer (Federal Prism)

Sharp, crisp dance music for a new generation of ravers underpinned by a decent bass line. The vocals are effortlessly sexy and the synth well thought out and tuneful.

There's more than a touch of the classic old school throughout and indeed 'Destroyer' would fit in well in a range of DJ sets spanning a variety of genres. Both the original version and the Trent Reznor remix are worth tracking down, but perhaps get hold of the original to gain the full effect of the vocals. Altogether now – "Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer!"

EP: Panama – It’s Not Over (Future Classic)

Incorporating everything from technological bleeps to retro, Darude-esque pulses and echoes, It’s Not Over presents a mini extravaganza of evocative house blended into new school indie rock.

Tracks such as 'We Have Love' and 'One Piece' sound like electrically reworked Futureheads hits, whilst 'Heartbeat' and 'Stop the Fire' represent stronger elements of 80s dance/house. A deceptively engaging album drawing on influences from across the musical spectrum.

That’s it for this month folks! Hope the selection has been to your liking; it’s been a busy month so I have had to pick the best of the best! There's plenty more out there though, so perhaps a good homework assignment for this month might be to track down anything I may have missed!

As always please get in touch with any news, rants or views via my Twitter page @TDFDirtyDancing. See you next month!

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