Dirty Dancing: May 2012

Welcome back to Dirty Dancing! No doubt the weekend is firmly at the forefront of your thoughts but we're also starting to think about some of the summer events like LoveBox in June with the likes of Groove Armada and Friendly Fires. Three days of electronic madness! Should be good!

Until then, I have attempted to select the crème de la crème of electronic talent to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

Single: Major Look - Never Hold Us Back (Cold Blooded Recordings)

Sounding a little like something Tiny Tempah might produce if he spent two days drinking Red Bull, 'Never Hold Us Back' is a super bouncy drum and bass epic. The decidedly urban feel is balanced by Pendulum-style synth and a bass line you can feel in your stomach.

Vocals from Stapleton are present throughout and serve to enrich an already talent-filled track. My advice: go and buy this, turn the volume up obscenely loud and press play. You will not be disappointed.

Album: LHF - Keepers of the Light (Keysound Recordings)

I have to admit when I first pressed play on this album, I very nearly pressed stop after the first few tracks. Strange sounds and ambient noises have their place in electronic music, but creating entire tracks out of them purely for the sake of it normally falls outside my interest zone.

However, it turns out these guys really do know what they are doing! Tucked away within the double CDs of Keepers Of The Light are some absolutely amazing tracks of eerie, post-dubstep darkness. Minimal and mysterious and crammed full of slightly chilling ambience. They take a little effort to uncover, but perhaps that was the idea all along...

Album: Slugabed - Time Team (Ninja Tune)

You may remember Slugabed’s piece of futuristic audio erotica ('Sex') being covered in last month’s DD, and the album is no different. Oozing talent and finesse at every turn, it's a heady, slightly space-age trip into the heavens. Each track possesses a slightly different mood and aesthetic, but all are married seamlessly into one incredible synth masterpiece.

Wait for a warm sunny day, put this album on from the beginning, and take a journey across an indefinable landscape of the mind!

EP: Hot Sugar - Moon Money (Ninja Tune)

Atmospheric and oddly chilling in parts, Moon Money is a connoisseur's blend of live recordings and high class synth. Spectacularly put together, it's sometimes hard to keep up with the twists and turns of the genre changes, tics and mood swings, but this serves only to create a sense of intense interest to find out what is coming next.

With a slightly melancholic air throughout, Moon Money is a welcome come down from the madness of everyday life.

Single: Nyteowl - Love of Mine (Love Interest)

OK, so perhaps the original mix of 'Love of Mine' is a step further away from the electronic genre than a lot of you are comfortable with, but the fact is, it has served as the grounding and inspiration for four rather exciting remixes and that gets it a mention - in my book anyway!

Not that the original is anything to be sniffed at either - smooth male vocals over a retro synth sequence and very old school drum line come together to create an effortlessly cool piece. Remixes to check out are 8-Bit’s wonderfully warped effort while the Mighty Mouse remix which retains much of the original track’s class and feel.

Single: MoonBootica - Iconic (Cheap Thrills)

When certain tracks are played you can envisage, instantly, the effect they will have on a crowded club. 'Iconic' is one of these. Set to be an absolute dance monster of a track, this is the kind of track DJs have dreams about.

Uplifting, driving synth is set over an epic bass line, guaranteed to make the vast majority of club attendees briefly lose their minds. Of the wealth of remixes available, give the Dirty Disco Youth effort a good listen.

EP: CSC - Down The Road (On and On records)

Imagine recording the final of a DJ battle and 'Down The Road' is pretty much what you would get. Incredibly talented cuts, samples and loops from guys who really know their stuff make up this fantastic EP.

Bouncy and playful, with sounds pulled in from all genres and corners of the musical spectrum, there’s plenty to involve even the most demanding of listeners. An education in the art of both DJ’ing and music production.

EP: Double Drop – Double Drop

Double Drop is an excitingly eclectic EP with seamless interaction between electronic samples and live instrumentals, topped off with effortlessly cool vocals. Think Utah Jazz played with live instruments and incorporating a London twist for good measure.

From the gritty darkness of 'Rise Up' to the ethereal haziness of 'Passing By', there is more than enough here to keep you entertained and with plenty of upcoming live shows, Double Drop are probably well worth getting to know .

Album: Zombie Disco Squad – Brains (Made To Play)

Funky, classic house music is the order of the day here, and whilst many of you may never have heard of Zombie Disco Squad - or ZDS to their friends, this is the perfect introduction.

Drawing together a wide range of house influences and mixing them with their own particular, slightly dark, un-dead inspired style, ZDS have succeeded where many have failed by producing a house album where all the tracks don’t sound the same!
Hopefully a promise of well-deserved house music fame.

Album: Squarepusher – UFALBUM (Warp Records)

It’s always amazing the sheer volume of noises that are crammed into a single Squarepusher track and UFALBUM chock full of 'em. Overflowing with an incredible blend of bleeps and bass (and the sounds a computer makes when experiencing a catastrophic breakdown) there are musical notes in there somewhere, but you’ll have to work to hear them.

Absolute electronic mastery and my album of the month without a shadow of a doubt!

That’s all for this month folks. Thanks a lot for reading and hopefully this lot will have inspired you to get out and among the fun as soon as possible! See you next time…

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