Dirty Dancing: March 2013

Hello and welcome back to Dirty Dancing - have we got some treats in store this month! Gracing our speakers this time around are offerings from the likes of Pete Tong, Bonobo and godfather of dubstep Skream who, perhaps surprisingly to some, is making the transition from dubstep to deep house. Intrigued? Read on!

Album: Bonobo – The North Borders (Ninja Tune)

A rather spectacular offering from a name synonymous with high quality electronica. Bonobo blends perfectly crafted melodies with an introspective mind-set, creating an album that is as full of hidden depth as it is laden with production talent.

Bass fans will not be disappointed, but never forget that here we are dealing with the equivalent of the electronica aristocracy – there are to be no gratuitous bass breaks, no hauling out of dubstep effects as soon as the going gets tough. Turn the subwoofers down a touch, allow plenty of time, and just enjoy.

Album: Lapalux – Nostalchic (Brainfeeder)

Instantly warping the senses and making it rather hard to concentrate on anything else, Nostalchic is one of those albums you'll tell yourself you’ll never really get round to listening to, but find yourself buying nevertheless. After the first few listens, the distorted vocals, minimalistic styles and beat transitions draw you in and begin to reveal a piece of electronic artwork that is well worth adding to the collection.

After an interesting few months of releasing bits and pieces here and there, Lapalux’s debut album will turn out be a welcome listen for many.

Album: Various Artists – Future Disco vol. 6 (Needwant)

Perhaps best described as a party in a can, Future Disco has pretty much all the essential ingredients for the perfect soundtrack to a big night. Old hands at the party scene such as Groove Armada rub shoulders with fresh faces like Lazaro Casanova (what a name!), who seem to have no less talent and promise.

Worth getting hold of whether you are a die-hard party addict, or just fancy a sneak preview of who is likely to be big during 2013.

Single: Stefano Ritteri – Nothing Stays the Same (Defected)

If, like me, you are nurturing a growing love of house music, you could do a lot worse than check out Stefano Ritteri. 'Nothing Stays the Same' is a superbly produced piece literally tingling with energy. A sure-fire party starter, this will be an absolute classic as soon as it hits the clubs, and if you are lucky enough to frequent a nightclub classy enough, make sure the local DJ has it in their collection!

Album: DJ Koze – Amygdala (Pampa Records)

Alternating between the weirdly frenetic and the introspectively psychedelic, Amygdala is an audio trip like no other.

Perhaps not one for the faint hearted, DJ Koze manages to evoke a sense of dream-like wonder and then layers a mixture of muted horror and more than a little unease into his works. Strange and alien beats and frequencies are offset by moments of calm such as 'Das Wort' and the overall feel of the album changes almost track by track. Listen in the right mood and you’ll be in for a rare and fascinating experience, but as track 10 helpfully reminds, 'Don’t Lose Your Mind'!

Album: Skream and Pete Tong – All Gone Miami 2013 (Defected)

Yep, this is what we’ve all been waiting for – two huge names from the world of electronica collaborating on one CD, united by a single genre. Pete Tong needs little introduction, and presents a highly melodic mix with a certain ‘exclusive party’ feel.

Skream, who, perhaps a little controversially, has made the transition from dubstep (of which he is widely recognised to be a pioneer) to house music, has opted for a piece showcasing the slightly darker side of house – at least for the early stages of his mix. From then on, the selection becomes a little less personal, with lighter choices rounding off the piece, perhaps taking a step further away from the music he has been known for in the past. An interesting experiment for sure.

Single: Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway, The Remixes (Defected)

Who would have thought it? It really is possible to mix house with gospel and make it sound good! The spectacular vocals against a simple synth track work surprisingly well. The remixes keep things refreshingly simple and, above all, haven’t tried to turn 'Hallelujah Anyway' into a dubstep abomination.

So for all you slightly braver DJs out there who feel like trying something a little different next Saturday night - Hallelujah!

Sound of the Month!

Album: Man Like Me – Pillow Talk (Cartoon Records)

Loud, proud and effortlessly colourful, Pillow Talk is a rebellious, energy filled festival of sound. The urge to get up and leap around, or at the very least move is constant, and the sheer life force injected into each track is genuinely uplifting.

Ranging from the cool and funky 'Social Site' to the festivities of 'Wallow', you don’t just listen to the album, you are forced to become involved in it. An easy choice for Sound of the Month and a genuine joy.

Single: Kraak and Smaak – The Future is Yours (Jalapeno Records)

After the magnificence of Mixed/Unmixed Feelings a few months back, it would be rude not to ensure everyone with the slightest interest in electronic music was aware of Kraak and Smaak’s new single.

Sublime and guaranteed to raise the class and tempo wherever it is played, the classic dance piano/synth is complimented by male vocals and a low key bass line. Fans will definitely want to track down the Ambassadors’ Remix which ups the bass a little and has more fun messing with the vocal structure.

Quick Fixes:

Album: Black Jazz Consortium – Codes and Metaphors Part 3 (Soul People Music)

Sensational darkness from an artist with one of the best names in electronica. A must-have for the connoisseur.

EP: Supernova – The World is Crazy (Defected)

Low down, dirty house. Fans of Stefano Ritteri will want to check this out.

Album: Yega – Fellow (Basserk Records)

Interesting and lively electronica with no shortage of bass and enthusiasm. Play super loud before a big night out.

That’s all for this month folks. There should be plenty here for you to be going on with! As always, comments and fan mail to my Twitter page @TDFDirtydancing and keep your eyes open for our new Dirty Talk feature coming soon, details to follow!

Take it easy!

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