Country To Country 2018 - 10 Festival Stage acts to see

C2C Country To Country is returning for another weekend of country music mayhem in London, Glasgow, and Dublin. There are so many acts on the Festival Stages (aka Pop Up Stages) in London, that it feels like a top ten must-see acts list is needed. So that's how we got here, let's take a look at the acts.

The Wandering Hearts

(Friday 2pm, BBC Radio 2 Stage / Saturday 12:30pm, Town Square Stage)

The band most likely to join The Shires and Ward Thomas at the top of the Brit-country tree. The quartet have just released their debut album and it's full of melodic foot stompers and touching ballads. Just the kind of thing that are singable and heartbreaking. Listen out for 'Rattle', 'DEvil', and 'Wish I Could'.

Lindsay Ell

(Saturday 11:10am, C2C Sessions / Saturday 3:30pm, BBC Radio 2 Stage / Sunday 1pm, Country Music Week Hub / Sunday 10:30pm, Late Night Stage)

One of our favourite artists from 2017 returns to the UK with five shows during C2C, including the Yamaha Stage on Sunday. Catch her before that in the more intimate C2C Sessions or the star-studded BBC Radio 2 Stage. Lindsay's brand of guitar-driven roots music has strains of John Mayer but with a voice and style all her own. Listen out for 'Space', 'Wildfire', and 'Champagne'.

Ashley McBryde

(Saturday 12:10pm, BBC Radio 2 Stage / Saturday 3pm, Country Music Week Hub / Sunday 11:10am, C2C Sessions)

The latest Nashville songwriter to make a break for singing freedom, Ashley is releasing her new record on 30th March. C2C give us Brits a treat, the chance to hear her music before then. She's already supported Stapleton, Nelson, Williams Jr and Church stateside, so expect some guitar-led sounds. Listen out for 'Radioland', 'Bible And A .44', and 'A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega'.

Jillian Jacqueline

(Sunday 11:50am, C2C Sessions / Sunday 2:40pm, BBC Radio 2 Stage)

Edging a little more to the country-pop side Jillian Jacqueline is still more country than 90% of country radio. Her 2017 EP, Side A, had some real gems on and was a perfect introduction. Another returnee to the UK it's great to see her access the broader audience her talent and music deserves. Listen out for 'Bleachers', 'Sugar And Salt', and 'God Bless This Mess'.

Stephanie Quayle

(Saturday 11:10am, Town Square Stage / Saturday 1:50pm, C2C Sessions / Sunday 12:30pm, Town Square Stage)

Love The Way You See Me, Stephanie's debut, is chock full of singable lyrics and memorable melodies. Whether it's uptempo, or slow and misty-eyed she's got you covered. Plus she told us exactly what the deal is with Winnebago. Listen out for 'Selfish', 'Drinking With Dolly', and ''Post It'. Read our interview with Stephanie.

Sarah Darling

(Sunday 1:10pm, Town Square Stage)

Already taken to British hearts, Sarah is only playing once at C2C this year but will likely be treating us to some new music. The Iowa singers breakthrough came in 2017 with Dream Country, almost her own genre of country music. On the Town Square Stage, settle down with a whiskey sour and let her music transport you. Listen out for 'Where Cowboys Ride', 'Halley's Comet', and 'Stargazer'.

Liv Austen

(Friday 4:40pm, Big Entrance Stage / Saturday 3:10pm, Big Entrance Stage / Sunday 11am, C2C Close Up)

Country-pop from Norway. Sounds interesting right, and Liv is definitely interesting. Starting to make some waves with her latest single, Liv is one to watch in 2018 and certainly an intriguing listen for C2C veterans. Listen out for 'Don't Regret A Single One' and 'The Next Time'. Read our chat with Liv.

Ferris & Sylvester

(Sunday 11:10am, Big Entrance Stage)

Talking of ones to keep an eye on, London duo Ferris & Sylvester are certainly getting noticed. Their foot-stomping brand of rootsy country has yielded a couple of EPs so far, but it's their live show that's special. Get near the front, the Big Entrance Stage will be packed on Sunday morning.


(Friday 11:15pm, Late Night Stage / Saturday 12:30pm, C2C Sessions / Saturday 2:40pm, BBC Radio 2 Stage / Sunday 3:10pm, Town Square Stage)

OK, so talk about a coup. LANCO playing anywhere outside of the arena is great news for C2C-ers. With a bonafide number one record in Hallelujah Nights, and a set of arena-ready songs, the quintet are going places. Next stop the C2C Main Stage in 2019. You heard it here. Listen out for 'We Do', 'Born To Love You', and 'Trouble Maker'. Read our chat with the lads.

Delta Rae

(Friday 4:30pm, Town Square Stage / Saturday 11:20am, BBC Radio 2 Stage / Saturday 1:10pm, C2C Sessions / Saturday 11:15pm, The Saloon)

Friday afternoon at the Town Square Stage is going to be busy; that's onstage as well as off. The six-piece Delta Rae are a tricksy bunch to pin down, but their interesting take on roots will fire up the crowd across a busy Saturday. Three siblings make up half the band, but it takes them all to make up their sound. Listen out for 'No Peace In Quiet' and 'Blackbird'.

If you haven't got your ticket yet there are some left for each day, and weekend tickets. Check out the C2C website for full details on tickets and line-up. Or the C2C app for times for all stages.

Main photo by Luke Dyson.

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