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When we heard that TMF favourites Cold Cave were planning to play some dates in the UK and formally release their amazing album Love Comes Close on the 2nd of November (reviewed here) we sent Adrian Mules out spelunking with Wesly Eisold, the man behind the machine, to see what we can expect from their upcoming assault on this fine nation of ours.
Hi Wes, thanks for chatting to use at The Music Fix. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Wesley Eisold. I live in Philadelphia currently. I make music under the name Cold Cave and run Heartworm Press.
You have a background in the American hardcore scene. What motivated the move to the direction you have taken with Cold Cave?
I was motivated to make music myself, something I had never done before. There was a transformation from acrid sound to song.

Cremations has such an exciting sound quality. How did you go about recording it?
It varies from computer to tape recorder to voicemail. It was my first venture into recording so it is really inconsistent.
It’s a unique and amazing sound. You started Cold Cave as a solo project. How did it grow in members?
The change was because I wanted to perform live and then wanted to have recorded songs with less fumbled playing. Also, it was natural that people came into my life - and vice versa - that I admire as musicians and artists and wanted to collaborate with.
Love Comes Close has a cleaner sound than the earlier work. Did the addition of additional musicians contribute toward this?
Not so much because the majority of it was played by me. Really it's just six months to a year later and I learned how to manipulate the sound to accommodate the music - and had outside people mix the music. Some of the songs were as crude sounding as much of the Cremations record, but after having them mixed they came out as cleaner pop songs, much to my liking.
You are embarking on a UK tour in October and November. Any plans for your visit?
I enjoy city walks in heavy coats and seeing people I've met over the years, in heavy coats.
What can we expect from the live show?
Oh expectations are too much to live up to!

Whilst on tour can you all agree what music to listen to?
On our last tour it seemed like all we had was a Metal Urbain CD that got played a hundred million times.
So, other than your own what was the last truly great album you heard?
This year I love Louderbach's Autumn album.
Thanks for your time, Wes. Finally, where do you plan to take Cold Cave next?
I'm sure I couldn't say. When our moods are changing a thousand times a day it's not smart to predict the future. We are improving, improvisationally ...

Make sure you pick up the astounding Love Comes Close and get to see them on their UK tour at one of the following venues.
Thu 29th : Louisiana, Bristol
Fri 30th : Club Evol @ Korova, Liverpool
Sat 31st : Playdate @ Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
Sun 1st : Optimo, Glasgow
Mon 2nd : Liars Club @ Bodega, Nottingham
Tue 3rd : White Heat @ Madame Jo Jo's, London
Wed 4th : Barfly, London
Thu 5th : Now Wave @ Roadhouse, Manchester
Fri 6th : Moles, Bath
Sat 7th : Be @ Proud, London
Photos by Jayme Thornton

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