"It is an actual laundrette - laundrette by day, gig venue by night. Apparently it’s the coolest place on earth" The Rider: Chloe Foy

Since moving from Gloucestershire to Manchester in 2014, Chloe Foy has gone from strength to strength. With her new EP, Callous Copper, Chloe continues to mesmerise listeners with her ethereal blend of melancholic indie-folk. We asked her our tour related questions to find out what's good and bad about life on the road.

Hey Chloe, thanks for checking out our tour related questions! So, where’s your favourite place to visit on tour?

I was on tour in the USA recently and I think it has maybe become my favourite place to tour. The people there are so welcoming and friendly. Having said that, you get treated much better by promoters in Europe - they seem to value the arts much more.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

I have a new song called ‘Where Shall We Begin?’ and it’s become my new favourite to play live.

What’s been your worst gig?

Probably one in Birmingham - I had to fight to be heard above the noise of talking, which can be soul-destroying. 

How do you fill the gaps when you're tuning; banter or silence?

A bit of both - I like to tell stories, but sometimes silence is important in the landscape of a set. 

What are you thinking about on stage? Lost in the moment, or figuring out what's for tea?

Often lost in the moment. Sometimes if I’m nervous I find myself thinking very hard about where each element should be and if I’m getting everything right. But it’s better when you lose yourself - although sometimes I forget lyrics when this happens!

What would be your dream festival to play? 


Where have you experienced the most lavish backstage area? 

There’s little luxury in my experience of music-making so far, but I once sang for Jesca Hoop at Hyde Park and that was a pretty fancy operation backstage. The rider was generous, plus there was catering! That’s luxury to me. 

And where’s been the worst?

Oh, there’s been a fair amount of “we’ll just stick you in the disused kitchen or storage cupboard”.

You’re playing Laundrette in Durham, assuming that’s not an actual laundrette, where’s the weirdest place you’ve played a show?

It is an actual laundrette - laundrette by day, gig venue by night. Apparently it’s the coolest place on earth so I’m looking forward to playing there. I think that’s going to be the weirdest place for me so far. 

Do you see a difference in the treatment of artists based on gender at shows/venues you’ve played?

Sometimes yes, although it’s getting better. Certain people do treat you a different way when you’re female, assuming you don’t know about your sound requirements or always referring to the men in your band when discussing things. The culture is slowly changing though. 

Would you choose solo acoustic or full band? And why?

Sometimes solo acoustic can be so special, but if I had the money I think I would do more shows full band.

What’s on your rider?

I’m a small operation so just water, red wine, honey and ginger. Maybe some hummus and crisps if we’re lucky. I’ve also signed up to Music Declares Emergency so am trying to do the best I can to keep environmental impact down. Plastic bottles are a no!

What would be on your rider if you could demand anything?

Jalapeno pretzel pieces, Booja Booja Chocolate, a triple tier wedding cake. A kitten. 

A kitten! Great answer. Plug your live show. Why should we come see you play?

This is a particularly special project - it’s just me and my guitar accompanied by string trio - they are super talented players and the arrangements are just beautiful. Expect heartbreak and tears… and some awkward stage chat.

You can listen to Chloe's EP now on all streaming services, and for more information including all tour dates check out her website and her social media

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