Buckle & Boots Festival: Four acts in conversation

This weekend, the 24th -26th of June, roots music hits Manchester with the Buckle & Boots Festival. In prep for the festival we spoke to four of the acts playing to find out what's so great about festivals, who else to see, what song they want to hear sung back to them, and what's essential for a fab festival experience.

What's the best thing about playing festivals?

Sarabeth "My favorite part of playing festivals is getting to see so many other artists. Buckle and Boots has an amazing line up of so many friends and talented artists. I plan on watching as many as I can!"
Holloway Road "The atmosphere, short shorts, sunshine (hopefully!), The fans - old and new!"
Lisa Wright "The atmosphere at festivals is always incredible. Everybody there wants to be there, they want to see their favourite acts play and there's just this great sense of 'togetherness' (that's a word, right?). It means the whole thing is electric and being up on stage with that going on is just the best feeling."
Two Ways Home "Getting to see lots of other great bands and also connecting with a new audience."

The roots genre has really grown massively in the last year or two. How great does it feel to be playing a roots specific festival in the UK?

SB "This is my 4th trip to play in the UK, and it's incredibly exciting to watch the country genre grow!"
HR "It's really cool, there aren’t enough so we’re pleased to see more popping up. It's a great opportunity to bring together people all interested in the same genre of music. Everyone is there for the same reason! Artists and fans!"
LW "It's grown so much! I really feel like the UK artists have come into their own now, they've found their sound and voices. Hearing what they've been writing and what they've got to say is really special. It's a delight to see a community growing so quickly and one that's so willing to listen. To be playing Buckle and Boots is awesome. There's an incredible line up!"
TWH "It is amazing that the genre has grown so much, it has opened many doors for our music and act. Playing a festival which is dedicated to this genre is wonderful as it lets people explore many new acts as well as see acts they already love in a genre which seems to get more popular by the day. We feel that being part of buckle and boots will be a great experience."

Who else would you recommend seeing on the line-up?

SB "Gosh, I've played shows with so many of these artists. It's hard to pick! Glen Mitchell will have a killer set. Phil Vassar is one of my all time favorite artists and songwriters. I'm personally excited to see Ward Thomas because I've never seen them live. I was excited to see they're playing the same night that I am!"
HR "Lisa Wright, Thorne Hill, Paris Georgia, Luke And Mel."
LW "You're going to think I'm just saying this but the line-up guarantees every person is one to watch. Genuinely. Although, I will strongly recommend you see Holloway Road. They're unmissable."
TWH "Our top tip is: Phil Vassar, we saw him play at Country to Country and were absolutely blown away. Some other acts we will be definitely checking out are The Cains and Laura Oakes. Sady we can only be there for the Sunday but if your looking for a great energetic show Holloway Road are your go to act. On the acoustic stage we would really love to catch Paris Georgia and Liv Austin."

What's essential for a fantastic festival experience?

SB "For me - a great, energetic crowd. For them - sunblock and probably beer (ha!)."
HR "Welly Boots. Dunny Roll."
LW " A good toilet system. Just bring your best mates and see as much as you possibly can (ps, I'm on the Acoustic Stage at 12 on Saturday... Come say hello!) You have the whole weekend to see some of the best roots artists in the US and UK, you're in for a good ride. Trust me."
TWH "Wellies and a raincoat. #ukweather"

What's the one song you'd love to hear people singing along to? And why?

SB "My favorite song of mine is 'You Rock My Rodeo'. It's such a fun song to groove and rock out to on stage."
HR "'We Said So' - Because the song is about coming together as a group to get lit up and have a good time plus there are loads of chanty bits."
LW "Ah, wow. Gosh... Wouldn't that be something?! If I could hear people singing along to 'Before I Die', that would be so special. That's the one that really kicked things off for me and it means so much. Although, you know, I'm not a fussy gal so if you wanted to sing along to all the songs then you go right ahead... !"
TWH "Either 'Just For Now' as it's fun and has an energetic feel and would sound great with a big choir in the choruses. Close second would be 'Time Last Forever' as it has a very strong message and it means a lot to us!"

If you're going to the festival all the information on the line-up and other bits and bobs are on the festival website: http://www.buckleandboots.co.uk/

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