Artist's Albums of 2017: LAOISE

After delivering her debut EP Halfwayearlier in 2017, Irish singer LAOISE shares her mix of favourite albums of the year with us.

Mr. Jukes - God First

I’ve been listening to a lot of funk and soul over the past year, and Mr. Jukes has to be my ultimate favourite. I find Jack Steadman so interesting and was especially impressed to hear of how he began writing this album on a cargo ship where he set up a small studio, so cool. The first time I heard ‘Somebody New’ I had to replay it three times. So much poise and spirit pours out of each track, it’s very inspiring, especially the way each song flows from one to another - like cream - and the addition of various artists is that sexy little cherry on top, mmph.

Overcoats - YOUNG

Ah Overcoats, these two ladies never seize to amaze me; you can feel the harmony, the courage and the affection in each of their songs. I love how they’ve brewed folk and electropop, and how beautiful and real the stories in their music are, not to mention they are the perfect example of women celebrating one another. Plus, ‘Leave the Light On’ is probably the best song to jump around to.

Oh Wonder - Ultralife

I saw Oh Wonder live for the first time last month and I’m still on a high from it. I just LOVE how much energy comes from their music - it’s electrifying. I’m always so drawn to their pop hooks and melodies, and I feel so inspired to write every time I listen to this album, especially after hearing ‘Heavy’.

Lorde - Melodrama

I can understand why this album is such a favourite for many; it’s timeless yet so prevailing all at once. Being the same age as Lorde, I feel so much of what she’s purging, and the album really does purge you. Sonically, it’s fresh and courageous, and top to bottom you’re trailed through every high and low of early-adult life, something we all have or will have to experience, and I think it’s a melancholy masterpiece because of how well this has been demonstrated.

Denai Moore - We Used To Bloom

I’m obsessed with the production on this album, it’s so slick. Denai’s voice is so gorgeous; I just love how expressive she is.  ‘Let It Happen’ is probably my favourite track off the album because of every new texture that comes at you every couple of seconds, so beautiful.

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