"All we did was play FIFA and record for two weeks, what a time to be alive!" In Conversation with Blank Atlas

Let's just say it, we love talking to bands from all walks of life, and genres, and we're really invested in supporting up and coming artists. We recently had the opportunity to fire some questions at Blank Atlas a three-piece band ready to set people straight.

Hello Blank Atlas, introduce yourselves.

Tom: Hey we're Blank Atlas! We are three-piece consisting of Dan Throud on guitar and vocals, Chris Simpson on bass and vocals and Tom Thould on drums and and vocals.

Who would you say you are influenced by as a band and as individuals?

Tom: All sorts of things influence our music, life in general inspires our lyrics and bands like Arcane Roots, Black Peaks, Press To MECO and Reuben inspire us musically. A great thing about the up and coming alternative rock scene is that it's very much a big community and being a part of that is particularly inspiring and motivates us to stick at it.

Your new EP Canvas came out in early October, how was the recording process?

Tom: It was a lot different to we've experienced beforehand. It was the first time we did pre-production so it meant we had a clear idea of what the EP was going to be before going into the studio which helped us focus on what needed to be done. We also had the songs finished for a long time prior to heading into the studio, some of the songs were written almost two years ago so we've been sitting on them for a while.

You recorded with producer Neil Kennedy who has produced other newer bands like Creeper, Milk Teeth and Press To MECO, how was that relationship?

Tom: We recorded with Neil for our last EP, Solitude, which was an amazing experience. His studio is a dream to work and Neil and his engineer Daly are such good boys.

We recorded our newest EP with Simon Jackman, he was so invested into the band and it really impacted the final product. It was so much fun recording this one, we basically played FIFA for 2 weeks and played a bit of music, what a time to be alive!

You've devoted your time recently to intense touring, is that the plan for 2019 as well?

Tom: Yeah for sure! The best part about being in a band is being able to play all across the country. Another great thing about touring is that you get to discover so many amazing bands. Shout out to Tirade, Nova Hands, Kovax, Trigger Thumb and Hypophora for being sick.

For further news about Blank Atlas and their music head on over to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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