250 words #8 - Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way

There can’t be many better or more ignored singer-songwriters than Neil Finn. Even in his previous incarnation as the writing force behind Crowded House he was pretty much ignored – the House never really achieving much commercial success and always labelled as a singles band with their albums wrongly overlooked.

Out of the embers of Crowded House, Neil Finn was always going to go solo and everyone thought they had him pegged until he released his debut album Try Whistling This. The title track a direct attack on the music press who’d always pick on his ability to create enjoyable pop music but, in their minds, forgettable. This was something different. Fusing his usual ethnic influences with jazz and out and out rock in places, this was a gem of an album that ended up topping end of year polls, but he still couldn’t get any commercial success outside his band of loyal fans.

The debut single taken from this record was She Will Have Her Way and is as close to anything Crowed House recorded and certainly didn’t give an indication to some of the more darker moments on the album. But this is a perfect slice of pop music, the lyrics may not be Neil at his most ambitious, but it’s got his typical twist on a romance and relationships – “she will have her way / somehow I will still believe her /she will have her way / one day I will come back” - the realisation that certainly relationships can never finish and you will always go back, even if it means someone will be right!

One day Neil Finn may have his way and the public, who have overdosed on the dire James Blunt and associates, will realise there’s better singer-songwriters out there who have something real to say.

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