2019 in review: Beach Bunny

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In the first of our series of round-ups of the year, from the artists themselves, we chat with Lili, frontperson of Chicago-based Beach Bunny. With their newly announced debut album is due on the shelves on 14th February 2020, this year has been, and next year will be, eventful for the band.

Hey Lili, so, what’s been the most exciting thing you’ve done in 2019?

The most exciting thing I’ve done in 2019 so far was record our first full-length album Honeymoon! I’ve always wanted to write and release an album for as long as I started songwriting and having those songs finally come to life was such a wonderful and thrilling feeling. I have to say the highlight of the year so far though has to be playing Lollapalooza. Attending Lollapalooza has been my favorite part of summer from the time I was 16 and getting to be a part of the festival was an absolute dream come true.

What’s been your biggest challenge of 2019?

I’ve had a lot of personal challenges this year with the stress of graduating college, major struggles with my self worth, and navigating young adulthood but I would say the biggest challenge so far this year regarding music has been translating music from a passion into a career. As a control freak collaborating with other people has been a learning curve for me, in addition to defending my career choice since some people frown upon jobs in the arts regardless of how the artist is doing.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve played music in 2019?

The coolest place we’ve played would have to be Lollapalooza because of its status as the biggest festival in our hometown, Chicago. But we all love Meow Wolf, this crazy adult funhouse museum in Santa Fe that we had the privilege of playing again on the Pup tour. It’s by far one of the coolest venues in the country.

What’s the one album you’ve loved most in 2019?

One album that has gotten tons of love is Fade into the Dawn by our wonderful companion Field Medic. He’s a lovely human being and his songwriting’s fire. I also really have been enjoying Bad Suns 2016 release, Disappear Here, which is incredible.

What’s been the song that’s most soundtracked your 2019?

Probably ‘Buttercup’ by Hippo Campus but it’s really hard to say 

What have you hated about 2019?

I don’t think I hate anything about 2019, this year musically has been truly amazing! And very transformative for me. Even though it wasn’t the easiest year.

What are you most excited about for in 2020?

I am so so so excited for 2020! A whole new decade! I’m excited to tour outside the country, play festivals, release Honeymoon, start working on LP2, and pour myself into the music business! I’m excited for everything honestly.

Finally, what’s the one thing about your 2019 that you’d like to share?

Learning to love yourself is the first step to success. Prioritize your mental health and goals and dream big!

You can buy the band’s debut album Honeymoon from all good retailers on 14th February 2020, or you can stream from the usual.

Beach Bunny’s Honeymoon album cover
Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

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