2009 : Year of the Electro

2008 has just waved us goodbye, and left in its wake a brand spanking new year full of joyful gifts including an unwrapping of a recession, a falling of house prices and the closure of our dear friend Woolworths. Do not fret; despite the credit crunch this year is going to be a good’un, trust me. They say the best things come in pairs and if this year’s musical offerings are anything to go by, they ain’t half right. It seems there’s going to be a splurge of MGMT-esque marvelousness post 2008, in the form of Empire of the Sun and Amazing Baby. Yes, I know they’ve both been around for a little bit, and you are more than welcome to quote me in 2010 if I’m wrong, but this year they’re going to show what good music is. 2009 belongs to electro-indie. Hurrah !

Empire of the Sun released their debut album, Walking on a Dream, at the end of last year, landing in the number eight spot of their native Australian chart. You heard me right – the delicious duo (you’ll fancy them in that rather weird way everyone fancies Noel Fielding) comes straight from down under … as in Australia. Their first single, of the same name as the album, also hopped into their homeland’s top twenty, so not a bad entrance for a couple of bonzer lads, eh? Their sound has been self-described as electro-acoustic – think eighties beats with soft synths and electrified vocals, coupled with catchy hooks that would make Gary Numan proud. If you like the sound of that then you’ll probably orgasm over their album. It’s packed full of new alternative treats which will delight your musical taste buds full pelt. Take special note of ‘Without You’, ‘Standing on the Shore’ and ‘Half Mast’, all of which are sunshine filled snippets of happiness that make you think of somewhere far away from the groggy isles of Blighty. Sound like your bag? Then if you’re ‘down wit the kids’, why not check out their MySpace at www.myspace.com/empireofthesunsound

If you’re searching for a gutsier member of the MGMT family tree then look no further, as your answers are here in the form of Brooklyn band, Amazing Baby. The duo attended the same University as Goldwasser and VanWyngarden, also supporting them on their 2008 tour, making them more-or-less MGMT’s musical adopted brothers. Amazing Baby’s difference however stems from their more guitar-driven approach to song-writing. The first track off their Infinite Fucking Cross EP (which is free to download from http://www.theamazingbaby.com/) brings something new to the indie table. The thrashing guitars of ‘Pump Yr Brakes’ create a ‘take no shit’ atmosphere, assisted by the hypnotic vocal talents of Will Roan. ‘Supreme Being’ and ‘The Narwhal’ also jump out as top tracks which make even the listener feel as acid-induced. So go on man, give it a try.
Take my advice. If you’re going to make one New Year’s resolution, why not dip your toes into the electro ocean, because trust me, there’s going to be one heck of a tidal wave of it this year.

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