Avril Lavigne - Happy Ending

There's both a clean version and an explicit version, which suggests that Lavigne spits out language a little more rude than that you'd expect from her...words like 'Criminy!', 'Blimey!' and 'Corky O'Reilly'.

Having listened to both versions of Happy Ending, there's no more than a 'shit' on one that's not on the other, meaning that anyone expecting an Onyx-styled trawl through the more expressive words in the English language will be disappointed. As for the single, Happy Ending has Avril Lavigne sounding more like Alanis-lite than ever before but compares badly to Ironic, its obvious inspiration. As such, Lavigne sounds less interesting than ever before and despite it sounding polished, there's little of the excitement about Happy Ending that Lavigne once enjoyed with Sk8r Boi, having only seen a couple of years pass since then. That leaves Lavigne not on the road to a long career, based on mature songwriting, but looking increasingly lost as her fanbase slowly desert her.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:15:17

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