Agent Blue - Something Else

By teenagers, it says, kicking up a rough why make music to appeal to dads who now iron their original Clash T-shirts whilst thinking of ways to fiddle a few more pounds from their company mileage expenses. Were I to hear this in a club, the only things that would prevent me getting up to it would be that I'd hate to lose a good Scotch, arthritis is already setting in and I look ridiculous when dancing but then little has changed in that respect from when I was lost in Duran Duran at thirteen.

Something Else is, well, much like everything else in that it's punk/pop not far from Green Day. It's got the kind of riff that guitarists who've played no longer than a few months would dismiss as simple and no matter the punk vocals, it'd love to be rock but punches like a pensioner.

But, live, it's sure to go down like cocaine and champagne at a city traders' night out and regardless how ordinary it sounds at home, the tackiness of spilled beer underfoot and a thunderously loud PA system will work wonders for Agent Blue. If they build their reputation that way, they could be offered more than support slots but they've still got far and a few original ideas to go.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:15:13

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