Shakespears Sister - Songs From The Red Room

So, after a long hiatus Shakespears Sister are back. Or, more accurately, Siobhan Fahey is back - Marcella Detroit hasn't been part of the band since 1993. Lead single 'It's A Trip' has a fun Goldfrapp meets Blondie vibe. Then comes 'A Man In Uniform' with a dirty, synthy 'Strict Machine' sound and that's when it hits you - everything on here sounds like something else. This is an album that doesn't have an original thought in its head. Here a bit of Depeche Mode, there a sprinkle of Goldfrapp, a touch of Client. 'Was It Worth It' even rips off Salt 'n' Pepa. One breathy, synthy track soon melds into the next, with the dreary synth squelches of 'Cold' a particular low point. Guitar-led 'Bitter Pill' provides some welcome upbeat, almost summery pop relief mid way through, but we've heard this all before, and better, from other acts.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 16:34:43

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