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Warp Records is set to release Warp Vision (The Videos 1989-2004) on Sept. 21. These videos showcase Warp Records as a label with a brilliant 15-year history of merging experimental sound and vision. With the exception of the landmark Aphex Twin videos by Chris Cunningham and the video for Autechre's "Gantz Graf," the bulk of these have never been commercially released. Warp Vision is an amazing collection chock-full of rarities from talents such as Plaid, Broadcast, Jamie Lidell, LFO and more.

Also included in the package is "Watch And Repeat Play" a bonus 55 minute Warpmix, mixed, sequenced and edited by soon-to-be legendary London-based DJs Buddy Peace and 'ZILLA'. Continuing the Warpmix tradition established by DJ Food's legendary Blech mixes in the 1990's, and utilising all the modern tools now available (Samplers, Ableton Live, Final Scratch etc) they have pieced together an awesome and intricate patchwork of Warped beats and tracks, always keeping sight of the flow and the vibe.

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Warp Vision (The Videos 1989-2004)
01. Sweet Exorcist, "Testone," Martin Wallace & JarvisCocker/1990
02. LFO, "LFO," 1991
03. Nightmares on Wax, "Aftermath," Jarvis Cocker/1991
04. Aphex Twin, "On," Jarvis Cocker/1993
05. I Smell Quality, David Slade/1994
06. LFO, "Tied Up," David Slade/1994
07. Sabres of Paradise, "Wilmot," Douglas Hart/1994
08. Seefeel , "Fracture," Seefeel/1994
09. Aphex Twin, "Donkey Rhubarb," David Slade/1995
10. Autechre, "Second Bad Vilbel," Chris Cunningham/1995
11. Aphex Twin, "Come to Daddy (Director's Cut)," Chris Cunningham/1997
12. Squarepusher, "Come on My Selector," Chris Cunningham/1997
13. Jimi Tenor, "Midsummers Night," Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1998
14. Aphex Twin, "Windowlicker (Directors Cut)," Chris Cunningham/1999
15. Jimi Tenor, "Total Devastation," Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1999
16. Broadcast, "Papercuts," Barback/2000>
17. Jamie Lidell, "Daddys Car," Frederic D/2000
18. John Callaghan, "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind," John Callaghan/2000
19. Antipop, "Perpendicular/Vector," Caliber 16 (Marcus Wambsganss)/2001
20. Plaid, "Eyen," Jean Luc Chansay/2001
21. Antipop, "Ghostlawns," Carlos Arias/2002
22. Autechre, "Gantz Graf," Alex Rutterford/2002
23. Aphex Twin, "Nannou," Laurent Briet/2003
24. Chris Clark, "Gob Coitus," Lynn Fox/2003
25. LFO, "Freak (Director's Cut)," Daniel Levi/2003
26. Luke Vibert, "I Love Acid," Delicious 9/2003
27. Mira Calix, "Little Numba (CR vid)," Daniele Lunghini/2003
28. Plaid, "Itsu (CR Vid)," Pleix/2003
29. Prefuse 73, "Half of What (CR vid)," Ed Holdsworth/2003
30. Opto-Scientific, tDR/2003
31. Beans, "Mutescreamer," Adam Levite/2004
32. Jamie Lidell, "The City," Frederic D/2004

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