Mark Morrison - Just A Man

It's easy to laugh at Mark Morrison but...well, no buts actually as the speed with which he passed from people asking, "Who?" to seeing photographs of his double do his community service for him was worth laughing at. Of course, said double looked nothing like Mark Morrison to anyone but high court judges, racists and Mr Magoo and although Morrison is now asking us to believe that, "...[my] music will defnitely do the talking for me in the future", his avoidance of his community service, which led to a spell inside prison, was only one event amongst many that showed him to be assuming a life that his one hit single was no justification for.

And therein lies the problem with Morrison in that his cop-baiting, his arming himself with a stun gun and his avoidance of his community service showed him to be a petulant, mean-spirited singer who treated his brief success as a means to show the worst of r'n'b.

Bollocks to him...I don't like Morrison and this is a weak, tired ballad that shows him to be creeping towards the likes of R Kelly. The b-side, Backstabbers, is only slightly better with a little more cold-funk that the groove-less dribble of Just A Man. Looking towards someone who has appeared in court of indecent behaviour with a minor is not the smartest of moves for ex-con Morrison unless he's being quick to exploit the poor fortunes of another. Lovely...but what else would you expect of him.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:17:02

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