Various - The Best Club Anthems 2004

With the Ibiza season in full swing, it's only to be expected that the market should become saturated with dance compilations. Finding a niche that stands out from the crowd must be hard. Well, The Best Club Anthems 2004 doesn't even try, settling for creaming as much dance clutter off the top of the charts as possible. A net cast so wide and indiscriminately is bound to catch a few turds in amongst the fishes.

CD1, featuring the (familiar) likes of Kelis, Benny Benassi, Tim Deluxe, and Lee-Cabrera's ever-infectious Shake It (Move A Little Closer), makes for a generally pleasant listen. Sadly, the same can't be said for CD2. DJ Sammy's The Boys Of Summer sounds positively sophisticated in the company of Kelly Llorenna, Scooter and Special D, the former performing a horrible cover version, and the latter two including those high-pitched, speeded-up vocals that will make most reasonable people want to stick their fingers in their ears. Some decent tracks are dotted around, such as Motorcycle's As The Rush Comes and Paul van Dyk's Tell Me Why. However, these are few and far between.

The result is a compilation which may just satisfy those with a casual interest in house, trance and R&B, but will surely have the more clued-up clubber complaining of too much cheese. If it's not the worst collection of dance tunes out there, it's certainly far from the best, and the '2004' tag is a bit cheeky given many of these tracks date back a few years.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:19:34

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