!!! - Hello? Is This Thing On?

Hello? Is This Thing On? does sound like the sort of noise that could only be made by seven people, and is reminiscent of The Clash (at their funkiest), Happy Mondays, and The Rapture. Most bizarrely, perhaps, it recalls Flowered Up's Weekender - in length, sneering attitude, use of horns and freak-out swearing. Add percussion by the truckload, niggling bass and guitar, even bells, and you have all the elements needed to pull one onto the dancefloor. The remix is a tight, intense affair; certainly different enough to be worth the effort.

For Sunday 5:17am, think the audio equivalent of an effortlessly hip swagger. Frankly, it's the only song I know of to feature these:

That alone surely makes this package worth a purchase, even if you have Louden Up Now from which the lead track is taken.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:19:37

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