Various - The Best Summer... Ever!

Whether it be the sun, the birds singing in the trees, or the big-bootied ladies walking around in bikinis, summer must inspire more songs than any other time of year. It seems a bit odd then that at least half of this compilation has no real tie to the season at all, other than being light-hearted fluff best suited to barbecues where you expect everyone will be so pissed they won't notice the major faux pas of Ultrabeat playing on your stereo. I mean, if you were to ask a hundred people - Family Fortunes style - what tune most reminds them of summer, I very much doubt anyone would answer the Big Brother theme or, indeed, Sk8r Boi.

For it's purpose, this isn't a bad selection, albeit one put together with little imagination. Although mostly recent R&B, pop and dance, thrown in for good measure are some TV ad tunes (further enforcing the 'commercial' feel), classics (well, Club Tropicana) and, what apologists refer to as, 'cheese'. The law of averages, dictating there must be a few excellent tracks amongst the generous 45 included, is here satisfied by (amongst others) Shake It (Move A Little Closer), Big Sur, Steal My Sunshine and the ubiquitous Lola's Theme.

However, with room made for The Ketchup Song and Blue (Da Ba Dee) (not one I needed reminded of, thanks), you have to ask where the real summer classics are, such as Happy Mondays' Step On, Saint Etienne's Only Love Can Break Your Heart, oh, and Vengaboys' We're Going To Ibiza.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 12:23:32

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