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Another one down is the first single to be released from Candidate’s 4th album “Under the Skylon”. The single is released to coincide with the start of the campaign to rebuild the Skylon on London’s South bank, the skylon was a massive freestanding statue akin to a rocket built for the festival of Britain in 1951. (for more info, click the link at the bottom of the review)

Another one down was one of the best songs on the album (Under the Skylon) so it being the first single from the album pleased me a lot, purely because its one of those songs you just cant get tired of listening to, a classic so to speak. With its catchy lyrics and excellent classical guitar hums its very hard not to either start singing along or at the very least partaking in a bit of air drumming.
The second track on the single entitled Stupidiest Songs continues the lovely guitar work and catchy chorus’ of another one down, but the song itself is non-stop in its pace, rather like on their 3rd album Nuada. As a song, its excellent and fits onto the single well.
Now, onto something which slightly surprised me as an inclusion… Candidate’s interpretation of Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps, which happens to be the only song by said band I like, and boy what a cover this is. Adding the distinct candidate sound to it they totally make it their own and it ends up being a polished and frankly excellent cover of a great song. This really tipped the single from an 8 or 9 to 10. There might only be 3 songs on the single, but listening to them is a joy.

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out of 10

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