The Mutts - Buffalo Bar - London

So what do you want from a rock band?

Do you want hard rocking, pulsating merchants of sleaze with some great tunes to boot then look no further, The Mutts are the answer.

They’re a four-piece from Brighton and they play a moderately short set tonight. The band, when they begin, launch at you full pelt with songs that are full of early seventies sleaze rock influenced riffs all brought together with some tight drumming and guitar playing by a band are completely focused in what they’re doing.

The singer, Chris Murtagh, makes a behemoth of a front-man, standing at around 6’4 or so, he towers above the audience on a stage that barely has room for him, let alone the rest of the band and performs tonight like someone who has been doing so for years. In terms of showmanship, think Mick Jagger, think Jim Morrison actually forget about them, with his build of a giant, he strolls about the stage like he owns it bringing his own unique stage presence to the fore. He swings the mike stand over the audience like it’s some sort of gilt hilted sword.

The other members of the band are keen to let him be the focal point for the audience and it’s he who the audience tonight connect with. Quite a lot of the bands that play the Buffalo Bar like to go offstage and into the crowd. Some like to let off fire extinguishers as The Black Lips did in past weeks and as a result incur the wrath of the bouncer, others like to scale the lengths of the venue, be that at ground level or bar level like the singer of The Rocks did when they played here.

The Mutts singer instead, prefers to go completely mad with a tambourine and mike stand as weapons of music, swaying wildly and making perfect in time movements with the frequent charging grunting of guitar fuelled napalm by the other band members. All of this of which, is accentuated with some machine gun like drumming from the drummer.

The audience love it and can't get enough. If there’s a band to get excited about then that band is The Mutts. If you get the chance to see them live, then please do, the furious energy of their live show, really is a sight to behold.

Last updated: 30/07/2018 09:39:40

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