Årabrot - Brother Seed

There’s a certain stigma attached to Norwegian black metal. It's the kind of thing that will get you un-invited from Tupperware parties and barred from the school play faster than you can unsheathe your sacrificial blade. Årabrot may represent the next generation of Noway’s black metal scene but don’t think they’ll get you back into the PTA meetings in a hurry.

Whilst they might be moving in different direction from those that went before them this is still a brutal affair. Unencumbered with the doom heavy armour of the past, instead Årabrot play the insanity card, with singer Kjetil Nernes yelping and growling like a throaty hobgoblin, just seconds away from tearing out your entrails and wearing them as a scarf.

The energy and urgency of the band is masterfully captured in the recording process. Steve Albini produced and recorded the album and then hurled it at his Shellac chum Bob Weston to master. Their combined talents capture the band at their most vital. The Brother Seed is an album of malevolent eccentricity which bristles with an evil charm. It’s no surprise to learn that they are named after the institute for troubled youth where they all met, taking care in the community to a whole new level.



out of 10

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