Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This philosophical statement questions the very nature of perception. But the modern tree isn’t interested in posing such quandaries. When no one is around you won’t find them falling over. You’ll find them making music like this.

Pantha Du Prince is a German minimalist electronic artist that has captured the sound of the empty forest. His chips and circuitry have managed to harness the natural environment. From this almost exclusively organic palette of field recordings he paints a nomads retreat from the rat race. The breeze meanders between the leaves and brushes against wind chimes. Their combined cacophony plays out like Mother Nature’s music box. His restrained use of beats or synths ensures the spotlight remains on the ecological rather than the electronic.

Like the young sapling without restraint or enforced structure this music finds its own way and forges its own path. Black Noise is a relaxing and refreshing listen that blossoms with every play.



out of 10

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