Kaki King

Far from a household name in the UK, Kaki King is a multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta, Georgia with a clutch of albums to her name and a rare ability to write a catchy tune about Nazi double agents: think Charlotte Hatherley with mad guitar skillz and you won’t be too far off the mark. Junior is an intriguing album which presents a finely tuned balance between frothy indie-pop frivolity and intense instrumental pieces with incredible depth and rich texture. King is marketed as a guitar virtuoso but, thankfully, her talents lie in the creation of soundscapes underpinned by the sort of intelligent syncopation favoured by the like of Andy Summers rather than the 100Mph fretboard wankery we’ve come to expect from latter day guitar heroes. It is perhaps ironic that the real highlights of the album are utterly divorced from any guitar pyrotechnics; these being the Eno-esque ‘Everything has an end, even sadness’ and the raw simplicity of the Velvets’ groove which drives ‘Communist Friends’. It’s an enjoyable, if unspectacular album which would undoubtedly appeal to those who are bound to be turned off by the marketing of King as a ‘guitar hero’.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 16:59:45

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