L-Mo - Got Gumption?

The description "Jack Johnsonesque sound" is likely to strike fear in the majority of people but for those of you who aren't put off by it, then L-Mo's debut album Got Gumption? is for you. All of the tracks on the album are backed by an upbeat acoustic guitar and, at times, this is enough to pull them through. 'Simple Living', for example, is catchy and while you may not be able to describe why you like it, you'll find yourself toe-tapping along to it. However for the vast majority of the album, the vocals just don't work and are often so tuneless that it's impossible to enjoy the track, especially so when lead singer Luke Moseley indulges in beat boxing on 'Too Bad'. It could well be that L-Mo are the kind of band suited to EPs where their flaws won't be so clearly exposed over a shorter period of time.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 16:59:52

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