Kitty, Daisy + Lewis, Bobby Long, Megafaun - Little Howdy Do? Festival Garage London

The Little Howdy Do? Festival is a spin off from the successful alternative rootsy club night that ran regularly at the Capital's Borderline from 2006 - 2008. Relocated to the Garage for the evening the event featured eight acts over two stages.

If truth be told, none of the performers on the bill were musicians whose album contents I'd devour in the house but I still went along to the venue to see what the evening had to offer out of curiosity.

6 Day Riot had taken to the main stage by the time I entered the building. I hung around for a couple of songs to see what the London folkies were up to, getting pulled in by their uplifiting melodic offerings.

I left their set for a few minutes to see what was happening in the mini bar, catching a couple of minutes of acoustic troubadour Thomas J Speight's set.

Thomas was just getting warmed up as I left so I didn't really have much time to form an opinion on the lad but he sounded decent enough from where I was standing (or kneeling while taking pictures) !

I had planned to flit between both stages all evening as the Garage normally has a photo pit in use in the main room. Unfortunately it wasn't in existence this night so it scuppered my plans as I'd had to stake a claim on a place down the front for my picture taking, relegating me the front of the main stage for the rest of the evening.
6 Day Riot were still going strong on my return, with an audience member giving his all on the dance floor during their performance!

I didn't see the comparison at the Garage but lead singer Tamara's voice has been compared to Bow Wow wow's Anabella Lwin at times. It's certainly noticeable on their recorded output that I've discovered since the show. The band's albums certainly merits further investigation anyway as they're an enjoyable ensemble, with a fine selection of tunes.

US act Megafaun were next up on the main stage. I had listened to one of their tracks on My Space before leaving the house and didn't really find them appealing so I was surprised to find that their set ended up being my favourite of the night. The two brothers fronting the band - Brad and Phil Cook had some decent brotherly banter between songs and made the banjo seem exciting at times!

The trio got themselves in a bit of a pickle when trying to perform a track that had been requested earlier in the day as they hadn't rehearsed it and couldn't remember the words for love nor money! The lyrics eventually came to them on third or fourth attempt and the song ended up being a set highlight along with the final song that was kicked off with vocals from drummer Joe Westerlund.

I was a bit puzzled with the crowd waiting for Bobby Long to appear. It was predominately female, with a lot of teenagers present. Mr Long hadn't appeared on my radar previously and I was still left slightly scratching my head during his set as his performance was fairly introspective and I didn't get much of connection between Bobby and the majority of his faithful fans down the front.

It all became clear mid set when Bobby's brother in law accosted me, asking where my pictures would end up as I able to ask him what the deal was. Now I was a big Buffy fan and I love True Blood but the world of Twilight leaves me as cold as a vampire's touch as the first movie sucked to high heaven! This being said, there was no way I was to know that Mr Long was famous for co writing "Let me sign" from the movie, performed by Robert Pattinson (who I found out later had attended the Garage show). It made a lot more sense after that and the crowd livened up slightly when the track was played.

A lot of the crowd had departed from the front after Bobby's set but there was still a good few folk eager to see Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

I hadn't actually seen the family band live for almost two years with a show at Austin's Latitude 30 my last encounter with the group. I wasn't really a fan of their album but I knew I'd enjoy their set as they're passionate performers and offer something pretty unusual for people of their age, with their musical output taking in the likes of rock and roll, swing, blues and Hawaiian music!

The youthful trio were backed on stage by their Father Graeme on guitar and Mother Ingrid on double bass, with K,D and L swopping instruments throughout the gig.
I stayed to watch about half their performance, having fun but clock watching at the same time due to an early start the next day, so headed off leaving a jumping and jiving crowd lapping up the family's set.

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