The Verra Cruz - Soul Collides EP

Unsurprisingly, there's a thrill when any British or Irish band makes good in the US but, like the success of Bush, who were a huge success in the US but who limped into the singles chart over here, having a successful album or single on one side of the Atlantic does not guarantee that UK buyers will find a reason to part with their money.

Even on this early release, The Verra Cruz are such a band, who, having already been picked up by rock radio stations in the US, are unlikely to be greeted so warmly over here. The problem with The Verra Cruz is that, like Bush, Soundgarden and Soulfly, they're only offering a heavy rock sound that sounds old even before this single was released on the 19th July. No doubt, this has much to do with the presence of Jason Corsaso, who also produced two of those bands but clearly The Verra Cruz were pursuing straight rock before Corsaso became involved. Of the three songs on the EP, Air That I Breathe is the one that stands out but which is unfortunately not a cover of The Hollies song. Had it been, The Verra Cruz would actually have been quite daring. As it is, they're playing safe for the US but I can't see Europe bothering with them.



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