Excepter - Presidence

A double album is always intriguing, and Presidence, apparently the eighth record in eight years from this New York City six-piece-improvisational-electronic act, is, indeed, a double, at least in the physical realm. Double LPs are frequently summed up as: 'excessive'. In length, at least. That is the case here, though add 'minimalist in execution'. Excepter are, in their own words, "esoteric". Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. Disc one is largely comprised of a "song suite" entitled Teleportation, and comprising individual pieces subtitled things like BRE, KAL, LIL, the significance of which, if any, is not immediately apparent. The music is low-key, ambient and repetitive, here and there reminiscent of Japanese synth guru Kitaro and frequently haunted by babbling voices, monastic chanting, garbled radio transmissions and general ghostly moans. The finale, 'When You Call', is the stand out, lumbering and menacing, like Sunn 0))) with synths.



out of 10

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