Dark Tranquility - We Are The Void

Dark Tranquility are one of those bands that have always been rather on the periphery, a Swedish death-metal act that has been around since the early 90’s, consistently turning out, on the whole, good quality albums but never quite crossing over. In recent years bands of their ilk, such as In Flames and Arch Enemy, have been churning out boring, diluted versions of their former glories and DT are no exception. However, with We Are The Void they seem to have bucked the trend.

One of the things Dark Tranquility have always been a bit more adept at is the incorporation of electronic elements to their sound. What with other bands can sometimes seem a bit of an afterthought, Martin Brändström’s parts are an integral part of their sound, noticeable in particular on the ghostly beginning to ‘The Fatalist’, and epic opener ‘Shadow In Our Blood’. Elsewhere, the gothic sounding ‘The Greatest Accusation’ showcases the vocal skills of Mikael Stanne, while the thrashy, twin-guitar onslaught of the title track tears right through the listener. Album closer, ‘Iridium’ takes in a more dense, prog-esque sound, with the quiet parts recalling fellow countrymen Katatonia.

While not as revelatory as one might hope, this is definitely a step in the right direction for the Swedish six-piece and one that other acts could do worse than take notice of.



out of 10

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