Boys With X-Ray Eyes - Oh My! How We Terrify

More disruptive than a hand grenade in your frosties this mini-album from Boys With X-Ray Eyes is a random explosion of riotous energy and unnecessarily bloody gore. Those of a nervous disposition will be wise to turn back while there’s still time to escape the merciless onslaught of crunching riffs and terrifying vocals which emanate from a dark place somewhere well beyond the grave. The dropped tunings add to the mounting sense of doom and, while there’s nothing terribly original on offer, this album has the power and theatricality to deserve a place in your collection. Key track on Oh My! How We Terrify (available here) must be the shocking ‘Electro The Human Lightning Bolt’ which veers from formulaic death metal into a disturbing twilight zone in which Kronos is having some form of seizure over a Boyzone outtake. As Homer Simpson once wisely said, if there was a law it would be against it. You have been warned.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 17:04:56

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