Motion Picture Soundtrack - The Shapes We Fear Are Of Our Own

When we describe Motion Picture Soundtrack’s debut album as ambitious, that isn’t the usual codeword for unlistenable avant-garde schronking but a genuine expression of admiration. The dark, epic, sweeping majesty of The Shapes We Fear... is one of the richest and most mature sounding records to arrive at Music Fix Towers in many a long month. At its apex, the album recalls the splendour of U2 in their pomp, heck we even have a protagonist ‘betrayed by a kiss’ before the first song is out, while the soaring vocals of Alastair Blackwood echo the warmth of Seal. The Canterbury band may have a hugely commercial sound but have eschewed the easy route of knocking out some obvious singles and hoping for the best by creating a debut album which demands to be enjoyed as a complete piece of work; a rarity in itself in the twenty first century. With one hugely absorbing and cinematic record under their belts Motion Picture Soundtrack are probably not looking at the next Bond theme tune just yet... but never say never.



out of 10

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