Jason Derülo

Smooth, synth influenced grooves mark out Jason Derülo's self-titled debut as an attempt to do something a little different with what is becoming a very tired RnB scene. The opening track (and first single) 'Whatcha Say' is probably the album's highlight which benefits hugely from a number of samples from Imogen Heap. Take out Heap's talent however and everything that follows can't help but disappoint. What could have been a really good fusion album unfortunately stutters and becomes far less interesting.

For an album that runs to just over 30 minutes, there seems to be a lot of padding, lacking variety by the third track. Irritatingly, Derülo feels the need to sing his name at the beginning of half of the songs, a sign that either he has an ego that really needs to be kept in check, or he has concerns that listeners will forget who they're listening to. The latter could well be the reality given the initial spark that the album has fizzles out far too quickly and becomes just more generic ballad-focussed RnB.

With more adventurous production, Derülo's talent could show through, but at the moment he's standing alongside the likes of JLS, Shayne Ward and half of the auditionees in the next series of The X Factor ...



out of 10

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